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A Fresh Truth (2/2) - fanfiction

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Devon runs afoul of a certain Prince.

Part One is here

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended. This story is not meant to violate the rights held by New Line, Tolkien Enterprises, nor any other licensee, nor is any disrespect intended. I don’t own Tolkien’s original characters, however, my OC’s, Gwinthorian, Garrick, Devon and several other Rangers are exclusively my own.

A Fresh Truth (2/2)
by Larrkin

Devon's eyes went impossibly wide. He peered straight ahead, his gaze focused within. I gave the boy a moment to consider what was clearly a new thought for him. It was, however, fact. Dev had convinced himself of something else entirely but he recognized truth when he heard it and it was a bit of a shock. He did not try to deny it, though. Nor did he argue. He could do neither.

“Devon,” I said. No response. I bounced my legs to jar him and he blinked. Ah. Consciousness. “Well, sweetling. What say you? Would I, or Garrick, or Aragorn have allowed you to stand before that second troll and attempt to fire an arrow into its mouth if we thought you were lacking in any way?”

He looked directly back at me with a glazed expression, but then he swallowed hard and said with sudden clarity, “No, sir. You would never have allowed it.”

“We trusted you and your abilities. You are a more than capable member of the Grey Company.” I paused to grin, the memory of a certain impish face flashing before me. “In fact, were my friend Gwinthorian here with us, I believe he would say something like, 'Hang your damned looks! You are first and foremost a warrior, you idiot mortal, worthy as any other and more so than many.'

Devon's brows shot up and he burst into his ready laugh. “I must meet this Gwinthorian someday,” he said. “I like him already.”

“Mm. Well, I am sorry to say that Gwin doesn't think much of men. He does his best to avoid them and chooses to remain safe within the confines of the elvish kingdoms. I love him, but he can be a superior little bratling at times.”

Devon looked disappointed. “Oh. Too bad.”

I wasn't so sure I agreed. I had been unfortunate enough to get tangled in Gwin's webs of ruinous roguery too often myself.

“Legolas, forgive me, but you must admit that this simply wasn't our fault!”

“Why do I listen to you?”

“Because I am adorable.”

“Leave me alone, Gwin. Because of you I cannot sit. And what are you doing outside your quarters? I thought you were to write several thousand lines, or some tiresome essay your Guardian worked up as your punishment.”

“I snuck out to find you. And I'd sooner take the spanking.”

“Not from Thranduil you wouldn't.”

And despite what I'd just told Devon about Gwin's superior attitude towards humans, I knew him, and I knew that it wouldn't take much for Gwin to warm to men. If he was shown affection, Gwin would be drawn to it and cling to it like the starving waif for attention he was. And these good men had the potential to provide him that. But mischievous Gwinthorian befriending mischievous Devon? Teaming with Devon? Ai! Gwin did have his moments, though, his odd flashes of insight.

“Superior bratling aside, Gwinthorian's advice would be sound, Devon,” I said. “Why do you suppose Aragorn seeks you out as his chosen companion when he wishes to embark on one of his adventures?”

“He knows no other will be foolish enough to join him.”

I flipped him up, swatted his bottom hard and plopped him back down. Devon gasped, blinked his watering eyes wide and stared at me.

“Aragorn wants your company because he knows you to be a skilled warrior. You are an asset to him. He values your abilities. He would never choose to take you with him if you weren't the able man you are. And, just as importantly, he enjoys your company. He considers you his friend.” I paused and studied Dev for a moment, then said, “Have you never glanced at Aragorn's face when he comes to watch you practice?”

He gave me a quizzical look. The small frown line between his brows appeared as it often did when Devon became puzzled. Merciful stars, but Gwin had one of those, too.

“No, of course you ne'er noticed. You are focused on your shooting as you should be,” I said. “So I shall tell you what you haven't seen, Dev. Aragorn stands still, his arms folded over his chest, and he watches you closely, his eyes sparkling and a warm, proud expression on his face. I vow he would be surprised to learn what you believe others think of you, Devon. For none in the company, especially your Captain and occasional partner in recklessness, would think you lacking in any way. I understand how you might feel ill-at-ease about your appearance, however the problem exists only in your mind, little archer. And it is not the reason why I refused you the use of my bow.”

Devon looked down, thinking for a long moment, then he lifted his gaze to me and said, “Yes, I see. And . . . you're right. My problem. But it might take me a while to get used to thinking about this differently.”

I smiled at him. “Aye. It might at that.”

He kept watching me, and now a younger Devon slipped into his gaze, a more vulnerable-looking boy than the one who had just been reasoning things out with me. Aragorn sometimes drifted away from himself after talking with me like this. He would backslide into a much younger Estel. It was fascinating.

“I'm sorry,” Devon said, in a small, miserable voice. “I should've trusted that your reason wasn't the one I guessed it was, Leg'las, even if I didn't understand about the bow. I should've just believed you. But I thought I knew better, and that you were being mean. So I thought that I'd show you and show everybody what I could do. And I tried to steal it. And it was terrible wrong of me. And I'm sorry, Leg'las.”

I wondered how many times this little one thought he needed to apologize for the same deed before he felt like he had atoned. He clearly hadn't finished yet. I could help him with that. “Thank you, sweetling,” I said. “I know how sorry you are. So let us finish with this business, shall we? Let us chase away the bees.”

He bit his lip and nodded. Giving him a small grin I pulled his lip free and whispered, “No.” Then I once again turned him over my knee. He gasped and wriggled a bit, but only from the sudden shock of the move.

I began spanking his sweet bottom at a good pace and Devon reacted with a loud wail and an instant burst of tears.

“AHHHHH! Owwwwwwwwww! AHHHHHH, Leg'laaaaaaaas! I think the bees are gone nowwwww!”

I grinned and spanked him steadily, listening to him cry. There was little to say at present. Devon knew what he had done and he had apologized repeatedly. 'Twas now time to ease the guilt he was yet carrying around within him. Devon needed to cry. He needed to kick. He needed to feel my hand smacking his sore bottom and making it sorer still. He needed to feel attended to. He needed to feel as though someone was bigger and stronger than the huge black ugly feeling of shame that had plagued him. And Devon did feel ashamed. He was an honorable young man and what he'd tried to do gnawed at him. He had wanted what he'd wanted, but he hadn't liked what he'd done to get it. The intent to thievery alone was enough for him. So he now had 'bees' in his head. Truth be told, it was likely he hadn't even wanted the bow. He certainly had not seemed to, given the way he had gone about it. Devon had wanted to be caught.

He could have easily made away with my bow at almost any time other than the one he had chosen. Devon was wily and stealthy. He would never have been caught unless he had intended to be. He would have heard our horses when we returned from our shortened patrol. He'd have known that his reluctance to join us on patrol would have looked odd to Garrick, not to mention Aragorn and Halbarad and almost anyone else who knew that Devon never passed up an opportunity to ride out with his Ranger.

“Something's afoot,” Aragorn had muttered when we mounted. He nodded to Devon who had innocently turned and wandered away.

“Aye,” Garrick said. “Should I stay behind with him, my lord?”

Aragorn glanced at Halbarad, who merely gave him a steady look. “Nay,” Aragorn said. “Let Dev do as he will.”

And Dev did. He must have heard the four of us talking when we headed back through camp and approached our tent. He could have slipped out with no questions asked save perhaps Aragorn saying, “Did you need something, Dev?”

Instead he remained in the tent, my bow in his hand, as though deliberately waiting for us to find him there. Aragorn, Halbarad, Garrick and I stood frozen in place, all knowing exactly what Devon was about, all of us enacting a play for his benefit.

So it was no surprise that Garrick had chosen me to discipline Devon. Aye, his offense was against me, but Devon had a greater need. He needed to talk about his secret, 'horriblest' feelings with someone other than Garrick. His Ranger surely knew how Devon felt and why he felt that way. The two of them had a connection that went beyond words. Of course Garrick knew. And Devon was accustomed to Garrick's comfort and reassurances. But Garrick also knew that a truth oft needs to come from one who speaks outside the close bond of intimate love. When it comes from a new source, it becomes a fresh truth. Devon had now heard his 'fresh truth' from me. And now we could chase away his bees.

I stopped spanking and began to lightly rub what was now a pleasantly hot bottom. Round and soft and a lovely shade of crimson. Devon's skin, like Dev himself, was fairer than Aragorn's. I wondered what Garrick would think of the color I had achieved here and how it would compare with his finished shade. I wondered how far he would hurl me across camp if I dared ask him about it tomorrow. I wondered if he would attempt to achieve the same color on my backside if I dared ask him about it tomorrow. Upon further reflection it seemed best to avoid Garrick and the topic of his Devon's bottom. In fact, perhaps 'twould be better yet to absent myself from camp tomorrow, encourage Aragorn to go out with me, hunt down a stag or two. The invitation would, if nothing else, make Aragorn raise his brows and smile.

Devon's sobs had now slowly calmed to soft weeping and shuddering.

“Shhh, little one, shhhh,” I murmured. “All over now. You were very brave, Dev. All over now. No more spanking. Such a good, good boy. Shhhhhh, deep breaths for me.”

I kept him over my lap and rubbed his back and stroked his hair and murmured comforting nonsense to him, the same kind of comfort I murmured to Aragorn, the same kind of comfort he murmured to me. Likely similar comfort Devon heard from Garrick as well. Dev needed to be right where he was, feel the solid warmth of my legs beneath his quivering stomach and my hand smoothing over his burning skin. He had put himself through some wrenching emotions and his bottom was now ablaze thanks to an elf with extraordinary spanking talents. He deserved to rest here, freshly spanked, trembling and fragile and shattered, yet indescribably, wholly safe.

Devon lay still for some time, and when he felt ready to move he turned his head towards the side facing me. I reached down to gently sweep the thick tresses away from his eyes and was surprised to find his them open. Devon stared off, chewed his bottom lip, spat it out, darted a swift one-eyed glance up at me, looked away, stared off again and squeezed his fist in the cloak near his face. Ah. Of course. He had been alone long enough.

I gathered up Devon's limp body and cuddled him close, for now he needed to bury himself against my shoulder and hide. I tried to widen my thighs when easing him onto my lap, however, speaking from experience, this helps to only a certain degree. Better than nothing. Nevertheless, Devon squeaked and arched when his hot bottom hit my legs. I grinned. I know, little one. I know. Holding him close, I began to rock. He hesitated but a moment, then his arms slipped 'round my waist and Devon clung ever so tenderly. Ah. Much better. He snuggled in closer and rubbed his cheek on my tunic. It was too endearing of him. I grinned and waited, letting him calm in his own time. However, in his vulnerable moments Devon had shared much with me of a deeply personal nature. He was thinking of that now, and I sensed embarrassment thundering through him.

“You are picking up some of my Dúnedain abilities,” Aragorn had told me in a snarly manner the last time I had perceived a mood he was trying to hide from me.

“Oh?” I'd smiled. “Am I indeed?”

“Is it not enough that you can hear the sound of the snow falling and the clouds moving across the sky? Is it not enough that you can see my brothers approaching when they are yet leagues away? Must you encroach upon the gifts of the Dúnedain?”

“Contrary to what you may have told yourself, Estel, your moods are not all that difficult to work out.”

He gave me a filthy look.

“I do know you rather well,” I'd said with a wink.

Another reproachful glare. “Tell me what I am thinking then.”

I had tsked and said, “For shame, sir. If your ada heard such foul language Elrond would be reaching for his strongest soap and escorting you to the washroom.”

I had been teasing Aragorn at the time, but it wasn't difficult to interpret the reason behind Devon's shy reticence. In the moments after a spanking it was never clear in what direction the discussion would go, but it seemed best to lead off with what Devon might be feeling most at the moment.

“Thank you for sharing your secret thoughts with me, Dev,” I said. He released a soft moan and burrowed his face against me as though trying to push his way through my tunic to the other side. “Perhaps you did not intend to do so, but I understand the way you feel. Your captain would understand as well. He still feels the odd need to challenge himself beyond the confines of mere mortal limitations.”

Devon looked slowly up at me. “What? Still? He does still?”

“Of course he does. He is Aragorn, sweetling. He was raised by elves. He sometimes aspires to elvish challenges, much to the dismay of those who witness it. Like you, Aragorn can feel as though he is 'not enough,' he simply feels it in a different way than you do, Dev.”

I truly did not think Aragorn would mind me sharing that, given this was his dear friend Devon and as it would likely help the boy to hear it. Were he present Aragorn would have been the first to have shared it about himself. Devon thought over what I'd told him. I thought it over as well. The truth was, a good many others were at times inclined to measure themselves unfavorably against those they knew and admired. I ever felt humbled next to Glorfindel. Devon's problem lay dormant most of the time. He rarely let it bother him. But this bow incident had brought it roaring to the surface with a ferocity that demanded attention. And Devon had known exactly how to get what he felt he needed.

“You are more than enough, Devon,” I reminded him. “Just as Aragorn is more than enough. You both possess gifts and talents unique unto yourselves. You are both irreplaceable. I would challenge any Ranger in the Grey Company to have slain two enraged trolls using one arrow apiece and a shot too difficult for most elves to manage. Devon, do you not realize how miraculous you are?”

He stared at me. I had lived amongst these Rangers long enough to know that Garrick was Devon's greatest advocate in all things. So it wasn't that Devon had never heard such words. It was that he could never hear them enough.

His bright eyes glittered, he flushed a rosy shade, then Devon buried his face against me again. “Fang gou, Leg'las,” he muffled into my chest.

I chuckled and hugged him. “'Tis you who performed the miracle, little archer. You but need to recognize it in full. And we needs now finish talking through this latest deed of yours ere your giant Ranger comes in search of you, ready to dismember a certain elf for keeping you away too long.”

He sniffed what I assumed was a chuckle, but when he drew back once more he had a sudden, somber look on his face. Now what. Odd that I was surprised by his next question. I shouldn't have been. I had heard it often enough from Aragorn. And I'd asked it often enough myself.

“Are you angry with me, Leg'las?”

Oh. Was that all. I kissed the top of his head. “What would your Ranger say to such a question?”

“Garrick would say, 'No, little boy.' 'Cause that's what he calls me. Little boy. And my Garrick says he doesn't get upset with me. But he gets upset about the things I do. Sometimes.”

“That is an important distinction. Is it not?”

“Uh huh.”

“Your Garrick is a wise man.”

“Uh huh. He's lots wise. But Leg'las?”


“He spanks too hard.”


“Don't ever let my Garrick spank you, Leg'las.”

"'Let' him?”

“You're right. If he wanted to spank you, he wouldn't wait for you to let him.”

“There's a daunting thought.”

“So just don't let him, Leg'las.”

“I shall do my utmost to follow your sage advice, sweetling. Now, getting back to your question. Do you think I am angry with you?”

He gave me a searching look, then: “No. You're not angry with me. You're like my Garrick. You're wise, too, Leg'las.”

“Thank you.”

“I think you're unhappy 'bout what I did, though.”

“Dear one, I was unhappy because I feared that, had you succeeded, you could have injured yourself. I once saw a foolish mortal pick up an elvish bow and try to pull it back only to tear the muscles in his shoulder to near beyond repair. He was a massive man as big as your Garrick, a trader traveling through the borderlands of Rivendell, boasting of how he wanted to own an elvish bow from Mirkwood or e'en from Lothlorien. Unthinkable. But Aragorn's brothers heard of him and we, well, we were just as foolish. We met the man at a tavern one day and let him try one of the Mirkwood bows.”

Devon's eyes grew enormous. I had been loath to tell him the story so I'd avoided doing so. A mistake perhaps. But it wasn't one of my shining moments. The twins and I bitterly regretted getting involved. Worse still, we had let Estel join us. He was but fifteen human years at the time and highly excitable. It was horribly irresponsible of us as Aragorn's guardians and it turned out to be disastrous for the man.

“What happened?” Devon breathed.

“The idiot near tore his arm from its socket,” I said. “I vow he was half-drunk, else he could ne'er have pulled the string back at all. But in yanking it as he did he wrenched himself severely and there was naught to do but try to put him back together.” I shook my head, recalling the man's screams, the recoiling crowd, the tearing flesh and spurting blood, the look of horror on Aragorn's face and the grim visages of the twins as they watched their little brother lose his stomach repeatedly outside the tavern.

“Elrond was in Lothlorien at the time, so we could not take the man to him,” I said. “I know not what he could have done anyway. Most likely Elrond could have helped him to some degree and the man would have been a bit better off, but he still would have been maimed all his life.”

I didn't go on to tell what happened when Elrond returned to Rivendell and we told him what we'd done. He would have heard of it from someone else as the tale was traveling far and wide by then. 'Twas best it came from us. The twins and I faced the dreaded Raised Elrond Brow and the roared, “Explain your actions!” which, of course, we could not, followed by a scalding spanking for each of us, courtesy of Lord Elrond's tireless arm, followed by an agonizing lecture on our irresponsible interference with the world of men made more agonizing by virtue of our hard oaken seats. Only Aragorn was spared. But he suffered a week of nightmares, punishment enough that e'en Elrond's potions could not manage to ease. His dark-eyed look haunted his brothers and I as well. All in all it was a memory that I wouldst rather ne'er recount, especially to this gentle youngling.

Devon thought over my story, then: “Why didn't you tell me that before?”

I sighed. “Dev. Would it have made a difference?”

He lowered his gaze, focusing on the stitching across the front of my tunic. He looked to be struggling within himself, but Devon was, as Aragorn had said, highly intelligent, and despite how awkward it had to have been for him, he was honest with himself and me.

“No,” he murmured. “It wouldn't have made any difference. Because it wasn't about whether I could draw the bow; it was about whether you would let me try. I didn't like to be told 'no' because . . . because of the reason I thought . . . because of . . . because I thought . . ..”

“You felt dismissed because of your looks,” I said. “And Aragorn dislikes feeling dismissed because he not elfkind. He cannot help being a mere man just as you cannot help the way you look. You wanted someone to understand that, sweetling. And I do. And that wasn't the reason why I could not let you try the bow.”

Devon gazed at me, a deep radiance in his liquid eyes, and it struck me how much peace there was to be found in simply being understood by another. I folded a few stray tresses behind his shoulders and I suddenly thought of Gwin again. I missed him, the little charmer. Faith, but these two would be a frightening pair.



“I wouldn't really have tried the bow.”

“I am glad to hear it, little one. Your Garrick's great heart would have shattered did something dreadful happen to his beloved Devon.”

He gazed off, imagining that. Then he blinked and nodded. “Yes. Garrick becomes . . . distressed when I'm injured.”

“I do vow. And should an elvish bow be the cause of your injury I do not like my chances of living to see another sunrise.”

My exaggeration shook away his gloom and drew a soft bashful smile from him. “He wouldn't blame you, Leg'las. Although . . . Garrick can be unpredictable. In his distress and with none other to blame he might decide that you must bear the responsibility for my injury and you could find yourself facing your first trip over his knee.”


“It might be a good time to go on an extended journey. Visit home.”

“Indeed. Clever lad. And 'tis well we need do no more than imagine it, for you were wise enough to go no further than the tent.”

He mindlessly played with the ties on my tunic. “Aye. The tent. Aragorn left a book out and I just had to stop and look at it.”

“How inconsiderate of him.”

“It was. You should talk to him about that Leg'las.”

“I shall attend to it as soon as we return.”

“Thank you. Because it wasn't very nice of him. It slowed me down, you see. And then your patrol was shortened so you were back sooner than expected.”

“How inconsiderate of us.”

“It wasn't very nice of you.”

“No indeed.”

He sighed. “Leg'las, the fates were truly stacked against me today.”

“Nay, Dev,” I said, unable to keep from kissing his brow. “The fates were in your favor. You were right where you needed to be and we were as well. And now you have survived your first elvish spanking.”

He blinked at me and gave a slight strangled gasp. “My first?”

“Aye, perhaps Garrick will need a break every now and again and he will pass you over to me.”

He studied me for a moment, then rolled his eyes and tsked. “Did I think you were serious I'd become provoked. But I know Garrick, sir, and he would never. In fact, 'tis more laughable than worrisome. And that wasn't very nice of you, Leg'las.”

Interesting. A part of Dev yet lingered in that vulnerable place. There was something quite adorable about this mixture of adult and childlike Devon.

“You are right, little archer,” I said, kissing his cheek. “That was unmannerly of me. I apologize for teasing you about your Garrick. Am I correct in assuming, however, that the bees began plaguing you after we came upon you and took you out of the tent?”

“The bees?” His unfocused gaze returned. “Oh, yes. The bees. I forgot all about them.”

“They have gone now?”

He blinked back to awareness. “Uh huh. The bees were at war in my head, Leg'las.”

“How dreadful.”

“Uh huh. There were Guilty bees, because I felt bad about trying to steal the bow – and I did, Leg'las. You didn't give me permission, so I did try to steal it.”

“So we established earlier. I am proud of you for admitting it, dear one. That was difficult.” Another kiss to the brow. I was uncertain as to whether Garrick would approve of me kissing his lad so much, but Devon sat there on my lap looking delightful and endearing in a disheveled, freshly spanked way that made me want to gather him close and hold him for a while. An innocent desire to be sure. Devon was simply an appealing creature and I am, after all, only an elf.

“Stealing, Leg'las. Stealing.” He said it as though the word tasted nasty. “How could I have stooped so low? I miss my father all the time, but Leg'las? I'm right glad he din't see me try to steal your bow.” I felt he was being a bit hard on himself given he had not actually completed the theft, but ere I could say something, he moved on: “So there were the Guilt bees and they were so mean, stinging and stinging. And then, then there were the Anger bees.”

Devon's pretty features clouded over and he knotted his fists. I braced myself for I knew not what. He seemed a little wrung out to become too excitable, though. “The Anger bees were there because it was ever'one else's fault that I was caught. 'Cause Aragorn left that book out, and 'cause the patrol was cut short and 'cause you wouldn't let me use the bow in the first place! So the Angry bees were buzzing and buzzing and fighting the Guilt bees and they were all stinging and stinging me."

"Monstrous. Horrible. Poor you."

"Uh huh. And Leg'las?”

“Aye, dear one?”

“It's monstrous horrible when bees are warring in your head and an elf is spanking you very hard and a lot too much.”

“I dare say, little one. How you have suffered."

Devon sniffed and took on a pitiful look.

"But you said the bees have gone now?”

“Uhh . . . .” Distracted from his woe, he flashed me a lost, dubious look, as though wondering if he still needed to be upset about anything. I'd rather he ceased to dwell there and we moved on. He thought about it, evidently came to the same decision, shrugged and said, “Uh huh. All gone, Leg'las.” And he smiled.

I smiled back. “Good riddance.”

“I think you spanked them out of me, Leg'las.”

“I suppose 'tis well I spank very hard and a lot too much.”


“I cannot, however, take credit for releasing your bees, Dev. 'Twas you yourself did that.”

“Maybe. But you gave me something else to focus on. And that's when the bees didn't matter so much and I let them go.”

“Aye.” He went quiet suddenly, staring off, then he turned his luminous gaze upon me. I felt another apology coming on. “Devon, for what it is worth, I do not consider your attempted theft an actual theft. The bow represented a troublesome problem for you. So you followed your instincts and decided upon a course of action that might help you contain the problem. You said it yourself, sweetling. You would ne'er have shot the bow. You simply needed the bow. Because you needed something else.” I paused and rubbed my palm up and down his arm. “Is that not so?”

Dev's fair cheeks went pink and he lowered his head and gave a nod. “Uh huh.”

I smiled and curled my finger 'neath his chin, lifted his face and kissed his brow. “'Tis alright, little archer. Very wise of you to seek help when you need it. As for myself, I am delighted to be the one chosen to assist you.” Devon's cheeks went impossibly pinker. “I hope I have made it clear that I think no less of you for what you have told me, dear one. When I look at you I see a gifted, brave and intelligent man, worthy to be amongst the ranks of some of the finest warriors in Middle Earth. It matters not what others see or what they call you, Dev. You are your actions. And those are mighty indeed.”

He listened with a quiet, rapt expression. I stroked my palm over the long tresses down his back and leaned close to his ear. “Tomorrow, when you have recovered from your savage elvish thrashing, you and I shall return to the practice field,” I said. He sat up straight and shot me a quizzical look. “I have something to show you.”

“What, Leg'las?”

I chuckled. “You shall see. But first, what say you we pull up your breeches, little naked boy, and return you to your Ranger?”




“Here. Take it.”

Legolas held his bow out to me. Not even his practice bow. His bow. The one he used. The one he always wore across his back. His bow.

I stared at him. “What?”

“Come. Take it, Dev.”


“I shall stand behind you and together we shall draw it back, and I shall then release my hold in very small increments. And in this manner you can feel for yourself how difficult it would be--”


We spun around. Aragorn, pale, stiff legged and with a face like thunder, stalked towards us across the field. “Legolas! No.No.No! You cannot allow --”

“Estel. Stop,” Legolas said, his voice clear and majestic and full of quiet command.

Aragorn stopped. He was nearly upon us anyway. But he froze, set his square jaw and locked Legolas in a stony 'you'd best have a good explanation for this' glower. I was touched by his protectiveness. I recalled the awful story Legolas told me about the man ripping his shoulder apart and how traumatic it was for Aragorn. Seeing Legolas hand me his bow had evidently triggered a gut reaction in my captain. And it was a gut reaction, for had he thought about it he would have known that Legolas would never endanger me in such a manner.

It took only seconds for Aragorn to calm down and come to his senses. He relaxed his rigid frame, shifted his weight and looked sheepishly between Legolas and me.

“My apologies,” he muttered. “I . . . I, uhhh . . . “ He looked off and gave a slight shrug. “Sorry.”

Legolas, less annoyed than he seemed, snorted a reproachful snort and said, “I should think so. Your faith in me is underwhelming.”

“I said I was sorry. I know you would never harm our precious Dev,” he said. He looked at me and smiled wearily. “'Twas but an old reaction to an old memory.”

Legolas glanced at me as well. “I told Aragorn that I shared the story of the wounded man with you.”

I frowned in sympathy. “Understandable response, sir.”

“But given it was me . . . .” Legolas 'humphed,' then he picked up an arrow and said to Aragorn, “So did you hear me explain my plans?”

“As I approached? You were speaking in your typically low tone of voice, mellon nin, and your were a distance from me.”

Legolas darted a look my way and I caught a flash of something wicked in his eye. “And you were yelling. And mayhap you were too overwhelmed by your inappropriate temper to work out why I brought Devon here today and what I have in mind to do with your curious comrade in arms.”

Crossing his arms over his chest, Aragorn raised a brow and said, “I am beginning to work out something to do with a certain inappropriately annoying elf.”

“I am annoying you?”

Aragorn gave Legolas a look of exasperated affection. “'Tis a good thing you are an asset to the Company, sir, else I would send you packing back to Thranduil.”

“That is hardly much of a threat, Estel.”

Sometimes these two enjoyed sniping playfully at each other like this. I always found it entertaining.

“What are you planning to do with Dev, Legolas?” Aragorn asked with overly polite patience. Legolas explained his plans and Aragorn looked at me. “Are you comfortable trying this, Dev?”

“Aye, sir. I wasn't hesitating because I was anxious. I was merely taken aback by the offer itself.”

“Then come,” Legolas said. He held his bow out to me. “Take it.”

I did. And I gasped. “It's so light. And so . . ." I moved it around, getting the feel of it. “ . . . so flexible.”

“It is made like no other,” Aragorn said. “The elves are superlative craftsmen.”

Eager to try it, I whirled to find Legolas watching me. “Ready?” he said.


Legolas came round behind me and molded his front to my back. We both took up the bow, arms and hands near stuck together in position, then we drew back the string, or rather, Legolas drew it back. It was effortless for me, but I knew I wasn't doing the pulling. The tension in it though, the sheer power in that whole weapon made me tremble. It felt alive, full of energy, bursting with it. How by all the ancestors living and dead did Legolas control that thing?

“Still alright, little one?” Legolas murmured in my ear.

I nodded. “Fine. Yes, fine. It's just . . . I've never felt . . . Legolas, it's so . . . so--”

He chuckled softly and I felt him kiss my temple. “I know, dear one. 'Tis a much different experience than drawing back your bow, is it not?”

“Uh huh.”

“Did you just kiss that boy?” Aragorn asked in an incredulous tone.

We glanced over at him. I'd actually forgotten he was there. Aragorn clearly knew it and he clearly didn't want to be forgotten, nor was he done with his “needle the elf” game.

“This little one is very kissable,” Legolas replied, a grin in his voice. “I kiss him all the time.” And he kissed my temple again. “Don't you?”

“I most certainly do not. I value my life, thank you very much.”

“Then you do not know what you are missing, Estel, for he is delectable and quite fun to kiss.” Now Legolas kissed my cheek. “And to the brave go the spoils.”

Really this was going a bit too far. Aragorn looked astonished. And he was likely right. If Garrick caught wind of Legolas's excessive kissing . . . . But as I knew the elf was just trying to plague my captain, I merely waited them out. What amazed me more than the over-the-top kissing, was that whilst they continued their banter Legolas kept the bow string tightly drawn all the way back. I couldn't begin to imagine how much strength that required. His arm didn't even tremble. Legolas seemed unmindful of the action.

Elves. I'd gotten off easy yesterday. Even though my poor behind still felt the effects. Never again would I provoke Legolas. Or, for that matter, any elf.

“My advice, mellon nin?” Aragorn now said. “Best hope a certain Ranger never hears that you've been kissing his Devon, especially if you've been at it all the time.” An alarming gleam then entered his eye. “And best treat me well, else I am tempted to let slip to my corporal that you have been taking liberties with his Devon. The least he might do to you as a warning gesture would be something akin to what you did to his little one yesterday. And I vow his little one would have many stories to tell you of that unhappy fate. So tread carefully, Princeling mine.” Aragorn grinned a loathsome grin. “And treat me well.”

Legolas was silent for a moment, then: “When I have finished here I plan to come over there and thoroughly trounce you, my lord.”

“I stand ready, young Lordling of Mirkwood.”

Legolas tsked, and heaved a great sigh. “Troublesome brat,” he whispered to me. “Captain of the Grey Company indeed.”

“I heard that,” Aragorn said.

“Now, Dev,” Legolas said, “I shall begin to ease back and give you more of the control. I shall let go just a little. Are you ready?”


I felt the pull on my arm. Oh. Oh, my. Alright . . . little tougher . . . lot tougher . . . oh no, no, noooooooo-- “OWWWW!” Instantly the pressure stopped. I let go and Legolas released the string. He stepped away and Aragorn was there, gently touching and rubbing my arm and my shoulder.

“Dev, are you hurt?” he asked, his voice low and anxious.

“No,” I quickly said. “No, not hurt. I'm fine, sir. It just startled me, how fast the . . . it just startled me. I-I'm fine, really.” I grinned to reassure him, but he kept glancing at my face, searching for signs of hidden pain whilst moving his hands over my shoulder and arm. “'Tis really fine, my lord,” I said. I had the feeling Aragorn was past hearing me. His inner healer had roared forth.

I glanced at Legolas. He stood close by and watched with his strange mixture of patience and amusement. He knew that all was well, and that Aragorn needed to do as he would, so he shared a look with me that silently conveyed his understanding of the man he so loved.

“Does he pass inspection, Estel? Devon says he is well.”

“Devon would say he was well if his arm was hanging in tatters. Devon always claims he is well,” Aragorn replied, now watching my arm as he guided it around in an arc to test how it performed.

“Dear one, do you say you are well when you are not?” Legolas asked me.

“No,” I said. “That would be lying, sir. Garrick takes a dim view on lying. I never sit comfortably after telling Garrick a lie. He would be sure to notice any injury to my body. So, no. When I am injured all those around me know it for I wail long and loud.”

“You see?” Legolas said. “The boy wails when he is injured. He merely cried out when he needed to stop. He did exactly what he was supposed to do. And when he cried out I took over and ended the demonstration. Our Dev has now felt firsthand why I could not allow him to practice with an elvish bow. Have you not, sweetling?”

I shared another significant look with Legolas, then a small grin. “Yes. Thank you, Legolas. You are ever my teacher. I now know the reason behind your refusal. And you are right. Had I tried that bow I could have truly hurt myself.”

Legolas winked at me, his smile soft and agreeable and silently saying, 'but we both know 'twas not the bow you wanted.'

Turning back to Aragorn, Legolas said, “Devon did splendidly during our experiment, and he is fine. So, for mercy's sakes, Aragorn, leave the poor boy alone.”

Aragorn sighed, stopped prodding at me and turned to Legolas with narrowed eyes. “It never hurts to be thorough.”

“Thorough?” Legolas raised his brows as though the word was utterly ridiculous. “Thorough?”

A broad, beauteous smile spread across his face. And then he laughed. Legolas burst right out and laughed and laughed, deeply and wonderfully and wholeheartedly. It was dazzling. He so rarely laughed with such abandon that Aragorn and I were stunned. We stood still and gaped at him. Legolas. Laughing like a drunken mortal. It was magnificent. It was glorious. And I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing, too. Who could resist? His musical laugh was contagious. And Aragorn was only human. He started laughing, too. So the three of us stood there laughing at we knew not what. But it was freeing, and it was fun and silly and I loved it, and they clearly did as well, for Aragorn crossed his arms over his belly and leaned forward and Legolas leaned backward so far I feared he would topple over. As for me, I actually lost my legs. They went out from under me and I plopped to the ground upon my still-sore behind and cried out through my helpless, weak giggles. Legolas rushed forward and scooped me up in his arms.

“Ah, little archer,” he said, gasping slightly. “You do indeed wail when you are injured. Poor sore bottom. Wounded through laughter. My fault. My fault entirely. I take full responsibility for your fall.”

“As well you should,” Aragorn said, between recovery coughs. “What have you done to him?” He strode over and tried to grab me away from Legolas. Legolas resisted and yanked me back. It was too absurd being fought over like this and I started giggling helplessly again.

“Give him to me.” Aragorn muttered. “'Tis gentlemanly to share.”

“I keep telling you, Estel, I am no gentleman. Nor do I aspire to be one. Why would I choose to be a gentleman? I am an elf. Not a gentleman.”

“Aye, sir. You are a gentleman. You are a gentlemanly elf and quite a fine one indeed. Now hand him over, gentleman elfling. My turn.”

Legolas grimaced. “Oh, very well. Take your turn in the interest of fairness. But our Dev is fine, are you not, dear one?”

“My bottom is far from fine, Sir Spank-a-lot. What you did to me yesterday was not, by any stretch of the imagination, gentlemanly.”

They flashed me wide, dazzling smiles.

“Then my work here is done,” Legolas said. “And you, Sir Quick-Witted--” He kissed my brow and shot Aragorn a wicked look. “-- did magnificently well. I am proud of you.”

“As am I,” Aragorn said. He settled me on his hip and rubbed my backside. “Dev, perhaps I should examine what remains of your injury from Sir Spank-a-lot. Make certain it is healing as it shoul--”

“NOOOO!” I squirmed to get down and Aragorn let me go and I stood there, face burning while the two of them did a miserable job of trying to suppress their amusement. Such scoundrels.

“Perhaps 'tis better I leave that to Garrick,” he said to Legolas.

“Wise of you, Estel. Although I imagine your corporal examined the area quite thoroughly when I returned his Devon to him yesterday.”

They looked at me, eyes sparkling with warm affection, and although my face burned and a tickle of embarrassment danced in my stomach, it was a splendid feeling, and in that moment I counted myself one of the luckiest of men. I was delighted to join in the game.

“Aye, my lords. 'Tis true." I smiled my sweetest smile. “My Garrick examined the area quite thoroughly indeed.”

Aragorn and Legolas exchanged a glance, then, of course, they burst into laughter again.




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OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I'M GONNA DIE! You finally updated! And it's a Legolas and Devon story! I'm so excited I can barely type properly! Thank you so much! When I saw those red letters ... I screamed. Thank you again! You are my favourite author!!!!!



You're welcome, Teddy. Tell me you didn't expire. Hope you liked the story.

This is absolutely amazing. I love how much fun everyone was having at the end. Teacher Legolas with his student Devon is just so pleasing to imagine. This is yet another priceless jewel in the wonderful treasure trove of your writing that you have so generously graced us with.
It's always so great to hear from you, geebaby. You've been there forever, and your loyalty and the sight of your colorful little guys never fails to make me smile. Thanks muchly for your kind words.



I've been a long time follower on your site for years now and I just wanted to say your stories are amazing. The way that you write and the characters interactions is moving and sweet . You have a wonderful way of making the words come to life and adding a playful fun element to really all your stories. I always get excited to see a new story and eagerly re-read your other stories while I wait. I especially love Legolas in any story he is in. Thank you so so much for continuing to write such beautiful stories.
Thanks so much! I'm always touched when readers jump in for the first time and say such wonderful things. I'm glad to know that you've been enjoying my stories and are looking forward to more. It's been such fun for me to write my little AU and sharing it with readers like you is the best feeling. Thanks for your kind comment, and even though I know you've been here for awhile, I'll send an official Welcome to the Nest!




thanks so much, Larrkin. I was very excited to see you had updated and the new story is a sweet gem, yet again. My thanks to Le Muse.

Re: thanks

Le Muse is all kinds of tickled to be thanked. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and thank YOU for the kind comment.



Note to self: don't check favourite author sites for new stories at 12:45 AM! Wait for more civilized hours...

Note to a favourite author (you!):

Thanks for a wonderful read! I have missed your storytelling - I find your characters so realistic and caring. They are friends. My friends. Your choice of words and phrases weave together these new adventures and the past ones, making me feel a part of their 'lives'!

This was worth staying up to read! I always enjoy your writing.


Your clever opening made me giggle, Wlma; Note-to-self. And it's lovely being designated your favorite author.

I really enjoyed your touching comment. I read it with a smile and a sense of something that goes beyond satisfaction. Knowing that you think of the characters as your friends and that you feel a part of their lives means so much to me. Thanks for that.

Sorry for keeping you up to an uncivilized hour. Le Muse isn't sorry, though. ("The reader gave up sleep for the story? LM for the win!") (She's kind of a twisted little git.) (It's all the sugar.)

Thanks for commenting!




Aww I absolutely love this one! Especially the epilogue, with the three of them laughing (and Aragorn holding Dev :D)! Thank you for posting! I can't wait for your next update!

Re: YAY!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the story, especially the epilogue. The three of them were kinda blowing off a little steam there at the end. Aragorn and Legolas can get downright silly sometimes, and when Devon is there being his adorable self, well, the silliness escalated.

Thanks for both of your comments!




Yay! Thanks for posting. Nobody does h/c so well.

Re: Hooray!

My pleasure. Thanks so much!



That was soooooo good!! Devon is the sweets ever thankyou so much!! I LOVE YOU <3
I'm glad you enjoyed! Thanks heaps!



Oh, that was lovely! I have to admit, I wasn't entirely convinced by people's insistence on these two but you handled it beautifully, Larrkin! Poor Dev, how well I know how the feeling of inadequacy can gnaw at you! Legolas is indeed the kindest of beings though, despite his terrible elvish spanking methods. And that epilogue! I just melted into a puddle of joy at the affectionate teasing ^.^

Lots of chocolate cake for you and LeMuse (leave some for Larrkin, LM!) and my deepest thanks. I have a little bunny for LeMuse when the little bratling comes back from vacation though... I was rereading "By your leave, sir" and I have to say, hearing about the first time that Aragorn spanks Legolas would be exquisite! Just the thought of it makes me shiver.

Once again, so many thanks for your wonderful stories!
Love, Julia
Well hey, Julia! Thanks for the very kind words. Le Muse and I are all tickled by your praise. Also, good call on the chocolate cake. (Is there any other kind but chocolate?) LM is smothered in it, so go you. (As to 'leaving some for the lowly scribe' business, alas. Highly unlikely.)

Your bunny has joined the official ranks of the All-Time Classic Popular Bunny Requests. Puts you in good company with many of your fellow Larrk nestlings who have been lobbying for this story for years. (I dunno if they're still around, to be honest, but they've left their bunnies so yours has lots of company.) I've actually started writing it, so you never know; perhaps it'll someday see the light of day.

So nice of you to leave your lovely comment, Julia. That always means a lot to a writer.



Tired from work but wanted to leave a compliment

Oh my gosh I loved this! I had read it a little while ago and finally got to write a thank you for yet another wonderful story I can not wait for the next one you grace us with no matter who is in trouble and who is the Discipliner (I know its not a word). I loved the interaction from Las and Devon (even if it was a surprising paring I enjoyed it im to tired to properly spell Las's name). I loved them tossing Devon about and all the cute little kisses moments I thought they were very sweet and made me grin each time. So thank you for the story I loved it.

Here is loads of Chocolate for you and the muse! (Since I found out recently I myself am allergic to it I have no problem giving it away lol)


Re: Tired from work but wanted to leave a compliment

By the way its Lizzy. Lol


I'm not one to review much. I'm more of a background reader, but your writing is just so amazing, I feel obliged after all these years of reading your work, to thank you for the world you've recreated.
Your stories have literally ruined all other fanfiction for me because no others can compare. I find myself returning to your site constantly looking for updates, or simply rereading.
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for putting so much into your writing and thank you even more for sharing.
How incredibly kind of you. I'm really quite touched to learn that I've ruined all other fanfiction for you. Good Lord. But I know what you're saying and it's sweet and splendid and a bit dreadful and I'm sorry but, well, of course Le Shamelessly Vain Muse isn't sorry in the least. She's, I'm embarrassed to tell you, preening. (Reprobate.)

Writers love hearing from gentle readers such as your self who bravely emerge from the shadows and speak about years of happy reading. Writing has been an incredible experience for me made even more impossibly wonderful by the readers who enjoy my efforts. So thanks for stepping out to wave hello and say such lovely things. It means a lot to me.


Edited at 2016-03-24 08:01 pm (UTC)


Aww, Larrkin, I love this so much! I especially loved the ending where they all get to relax and have fun together, decompressing, especially for Aragorn. How good for them to laugh like that! That must have been so scary for him, even though he knows Legolas would never do anything to hurt him, that flashback after the events of Dev trying to take it, and then to hear him say ow after Legolas releases some more, no wonder he fusses. Poor Ranger child.

In that order of thinking, I would like to request an Aragorn story! Poor Aragorn, always having to be so responsible even when the others are laughing. And it has been so long since he has been over a lap. I LOVED the ranger child arc, and it seems like each time he is given new command he needs some help- beginning of his time with the troupe, before the fellowship with Elrond, before the march to the black gate from Halabarad. What about upon becoming a king? Or beforehand? Because he never really wanted to be one...

And another thought- I was re-reading the Faramir and Boromir story with Dammrod. Oh my gosh I just love it so so so so much!!!!!!! But, I was wondering, if Boromir is still so caught up with Damrod leaving coupled by the past trauma of Thorongil leaving, shouldn't he and Aragorn work that out? Now that he is aware of it, won't it fester in him until he forces Aragorn to act on it? Either by getting mad and testy around him, like the poor boy does when he is confused, or something else? I loved that story so much, it was well worth the wait!!!! It just seemed like he might still have some wounds to heal from Thorongil leaving like that, especially once he starts to process his father having had died, also leaving him, although he started leaving him a long time ago.

Oh Larrkin, I just love your stories so much! They are so beautiful, and make me feel all warm and squirmy inside. They show love and care like few people actually can give in the real world, and it is just such a safe haven to go to.

Here are Easter chocolate treats and Resees cup eggs and jellybeans and bunny peeps for Le Muse (and hopefully you will be able to sneak some too! Share, Le Muse, the writer needs energy to keep up with your energy!), hope they give you some of the joy and comfort that your stories so lavishly bestow to others. :) We love you, thanks for all of your writing!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your enthusiastic remarks and meeting your many excellent bunnies. Thank you!

What I've loved about so many of our Fellowship (the original nine and the OC's I've invented to play with them,) is that they've provided such an endless wealth of story possibilities. Especially our angsty warriors. Boromir alone has kept LM busy for years. Aragorn, too, has lots of issues just waiting to be explored. You and many of your fellow Nestlings come up with some great ideas, and I know what fun it is to imagine them. I'd love to have the time and energy to write them all right now! Le Muse and I do so appreciate hearing the thoughts of our gentle readers, though. 'Cause you never know what's going to jump start Le Unpredictable Muse. Speaking of jump starting -

Treats! Reeses and, lord bless us, PEEPS? omg. peeps. LM is running in circles, utterly mad with joy. And chocolate, too? Well, that did it. LM blasted off and is now orbiting the Imaginative Stratosphere. S'okay, though. You never know what creative spark she might find out there. Thanks again, gentle reader. I'm as tickled by your sweet words as LM is by your sweet sweets.


Edited at 2016-04-02 08:32 pm (UTC)


Aww. I do not believe it possible for me to find enough good words to describe your stories. They just do not exist. Especially when it comes to little dev. He's just too sweet. He and gwin often compete for my favorite.

I don't know if you're taking bunnies, but if you are I would like to put in my two cents. I really would like to see the story about the time gwin fell asleep after chasing down an Orc and everyone thought he was dead. I've seen it referenced quite a lot, so I'm quite curious about it.

So that's it. Please keep gracing us with your stories, they are so very good. I wish you and le muse plenty of chocolate in your future
Larrk's Bunny Reserve is ever open to new members, and your bunny is a rare one indeed. I've never before seen this request. Points to you for originality! Le Muse constantly surprises me when it comes to what she decides to write next, so we welcome new bunnies. It's good to have fresh blood hopping around Larrk's Bunny Reserve. ;)

I really appreciate your kind words. I especially like the fact that you're fond of our Dev. And Gwin. They're my beloved OC's, and it makes me smile to know that you enjoy them. :D I wish I had more time and energy to write. Rest assured, however, the desire to do so remains.




hey there, i love your stories,especially your oc devon that i find fascinating but i would like to have a story about elladan and elrohir getting spanked-by elrond or glorfindel please update again your stories are very good

Re: request

Hey back! Thanks for the kind comment. I'm glad to know that you've been enjoying my stories, especially our Dev! I've poked Le Muse with your request about those mischievous twins and we'll see what she comes up with. Thanks for jumping in with your bunny!




hey there lark! I have another request hehe! A story where Faramir had never been disciplined by Boromir or Damrod and had been physically abused by Denethor as a child though Boromir did not know of it.Because of that he cannot understand or accept loving discipline.However Faramir's behaviour compels Aragorn into taking disciplinary action,so what do you say?

Re: request

Hmmmm.... I'm foggy on what you mean by "... had been physically abused by Denethor as a child ..." Could be more than Le Tender-Hearted Muse could handle. I appreciate you trusting us with the idea; I'm just not quite certain Le Muse could do it justice. Tell you what - we'll put it in the hopper and let it churn for a while. Thanks for thinking of us!



Hi Larrk! It's been a while since you last update *cries in a corner* it's slowly killing me lol. I was wondering when you were thinking of posting a new story. I was thinking maybe a Legolas spanking one (I'm not sure from who; maybe even Damrod or Halbarad - or even the classic Aragorn spanking Legolas would be nice. It's a been a while since our naughty little elfling was last spanked. So, just an idea. Thanks! We all miss you; please post a new story soon! :D

Thanks for hanging in there, Dev (with a "y" - I remember you.) Weird how many readers are suddenly hungry to see Legolas get walloped by just about anyone. I've no problem with it. Legolas is always an inner loose canon waiting to ignite. Dropping him into a self-generated disaster is pretty much cake. When I can get to it is a murkier question. But I'll let Le Hibernating Muse know that our readers are out for elfling prince blood. LM can get into that. And we both miss you, too.



Hello :)

Hi Larrk. Reading this story made me feel very happy. My emotions are kind of uptight and confusing because my grandfather is ill and in the hospital. He got brain surgery, and thankfully survived, but he won't talk, barely eats or drinks and he lost so much weight that he's all skin and bones. I always cry in the bathroom because I know that if I cry, then he'll cry too and I don't want him to feel any sadness. Everytime I feel absolutely miserable, I come to your website and read one of your stories. They make me feel a lot better and it distracts me very well from my sad thoughts. Today, I read through your entire story list because I didn't want to have those thoughts again - if I'm distracted, then I won't and I know that. Anyway, while I was reading, I came across some questions that I'm awfully curious about.

When was Legolas last spanked? I think it's been about nine years *gasp* and I'm sure he's going to get into trouble sooner or later *hint hint wink wink*.

Will you be writing anymore Hobbit fics? I personally love the ones with Thorin and Bilbo because Thorin is so stern and loving and Bilbo is so sweet and cheeky. :D

In your opinion, what do you feel about an Elrond spanking Aragorn/Estel fic? Do you have any thoughts on writing about that?

Do you think (in your imagination, of course), when Fili and Kili were younger and little dwarflings, Thorin ever put them in time out? Cause that's also one hell of a discipline, especially if you're a little kid and you can't anything but stare at the juncture of the two walls *ugh*.

Do you have any feels for Garrick and Devon and Halbarad and Gwin fics?

And last question - when will you update? *whines and cries* I'm not whining! I'm not! I just really want a new story *pouts*. I don't want to pressure you or force you, and I'm sure you'll come up with an awesome story sooner or later :D It has been six months, though.

Thanks! Larrk, I just wanted to say, I'm so sorry for rambling on and on so much, I probably annoyed you to death with my questions. I don't mean to keep talking like this, but the thing is, stuff like this distracts me and makes me feel better. I'm so sorry. I know this is probably too much to ask especially after annoying you, but if you just took a moment to pray and give my grandfather some Larrk Magic - LOL, made that up ;) - my entire family would thank you so much. My sister and I love your stories; they're a huge part of our life because they help us get through this pain so much. Thanks so much for writing, Larrk! Don't ever stop :D


Re: Hello :)

*pet, pet* I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, Annie. I know what you mean. It's very hard to watch someone you love suffer like this. You feel so helpless. But if you can continue to remain present and courageous, imagine his full recovery and keep holding him close to your heart as I know you are, that's a lot, dearest. That's huge. That's you empowered for his benefit. Of course I'll be happy to think of Grandfather, too, and I'm sending along my best wishes. I hope everything turns out well for him and for you and your sister and your whole family.

In the meantime I'm glad my stories offer you some solace. It touches me to know that you consider The Nest to be a safe harbor. That's what it's here for.

Now, I don't have much time, but I'll try to give you some quick answers to your q's:

I don't know when Legolas was last spanked, but yeah, it's been awhile. Too many characters, too little time to write.

No clue. Le Muse decides these things. I'm just a passenger on this train with no forward notice of the next destination. Makes it feel like either an exciting ride or a trip through the Looking Glass and back.

I'd be cool with that. Aragorn always deserves it.

I'm not a believer in corner time - just a personal phobia as regards standing with one's back to the room. Now, the so-called "naughty rug/step/choose your designated spot," that I do think is an awful enough consequence to be an effective teaching tool. You won't see it in my stories, though. Which is how I know that Thorin is far too direct to deal with such puny punitive measures as “corner time.”

("Feels" as in, "how do you feel about them, Larrk?") Is this a trick q? Because are you kidding, child? I love them.

Whining and pouting hold no sway over the busy insanity of what I laughingly refer to as my RL. I long for more writing time. But I can't predict when I'll be able to work on finishing my WIP's. If you look back on my writing history you'll note that a six month absence ain't nothin' really. And I wince when I say that because if you look at my history again you'll also note how much I hate disappointing my readers. So, I have no answer for you there.

You haven't annoyed or irritated me, Annie. It's okay. I'm glad you have the Nest to crawl into when you need some safe time away from a sad, crazy world. I'm glad you're using it, but I'm also glad to hear that you seem to be staying strong and dealing with what needs to be dealt with. In the end, that's all any of us can do. As for “Larrk Magic” if it's there to be sent, consider it done. Take care, sweetling.



It's Annie again.

Sorry it's Annie again. I just wanted to say: I totally agree with the either Elrond or Glorfindel spanking Elrohir and Elladan! AHHH Please write that story *wails* Love you, Larrk! Hugs and chocolate and gummy worms and a basket of freshly picked strawberries dipped with nutella (mmmmm...now I'm hungry LOL)


Awww! This, like all the others, always give me that warm, squirmy feeling. I love it!

I too know how much of a sanctuary this is. Prayers to your grandfather and family, Annie. The love found here is so different than what we face in the real world. It is good to come here and be reminded of true love, of what we should try to be.

Truly, Larrkin, it is so comforting to be here. I know what it's like to never be good enough, to be frequently told how everything is my fault and what I need to do better. Coming here and reading your stories, seeing the unconditional love your characters have for each other as they are...it makes me think that maybe I can be good enough, that maybe I do have enough ability to be successful eventually, even if I don't now. When any of the big people accept someone and believe in what they can do, it makes me think that maybe I have something worth believing in too.

I guess that's why I love the Halbarad and Aragorn pair so much, or the Damrod and Boromir. They didn't have to be second fathers, but they chose to out of love for the person. Wish that sort of thing happened more often in real life! Guess the same sort of thing for Elrond and Aragorn, too!

Sorry Larrkin, adding another bunny request! I have always wondered at the reunion between Aragorn and Elrond after they were separated for so long. I know you don't have anyone taking Elrond in hand, though I think that would be a great story in of itself, as he would have been too stubborn to admit that he was wrong and misses his son on his own, but would Aragorn go willingly? Or would he be escorted/dragged home? And then it would be awkward, but Aragorn missed his ada and would want to know if he really does still love him, so would push him more and more, Elrond letting go more than he would normally, but then he would have to step in and reaffirm his place.

But whatever it is, I hope Le Muse cooperates with you and wants to write something soon! RL too, for that matter. :) Thank you for all the love and comfort you share, and sending along cookies for you both to share! And I mean it, Le Muse, SHARE. ;)
I'm so glad the Nest has become a place of comfort for you. It's always gratifying to hear from readers such as yourself who consider the Nest to be a safe haven in a RL that oft seems overly full of sorrow and struggle. We all need our sanctuaries. When my RL world spun into a chasm of unbearable darkness the films were there to provide a structure from which I could build an unorthodox safe place for myself. Others found comfort in my little world, too. I'd never dreamed that would happen, but I'm so glad it did.

You have some interesting story ideas. Unique ones, too. I haven't explored much when it comes to Elrond. I fear it's a case of too many characters to juggle – a Fellowship of nine and a secondary cast I chose to create. I like it when readers give me suggestions, though, because I never know what might trigger Le Muse. Surrogate fathers abound in my stories and Elrond is one of the first. So it's possible something could develop featuring your bunnies.

I appreciate all your kind words and I'm touched to know how much you've enjoyed my stories. Praise and COOKIES! I fear Le I Never Share Sweets Muse was true to form and I didn't get so much as a nibble. Thanks for trying, though. :)



Awww, Larrkin, I just love your stories so much!! They make me feel all warm and safe and fuzzy inside. :)

I was re-reading An Entity Apart and it just makes me so happy! Poor Bilbo, and poor Thorin! with all of his confusing emotions. I know that this is a weird request, but I think I remember somebody talking about it before, but...if I could implore to Le Fickle Muse for a Balin-Thorin story?

Balin obviously respects Thorin, but I can see him talking the young ruler in hand after the move to the Mountains and the death of his father and grandfather, although it obviously would have been awhile, and the Prince might think he may not be subject to it anymore. But in the books and movies there are all types of places where it could be used, especially after all the confusion and closing-off and subsequent guilt with Bilbo, or the whole issue of the Arkenstone, or just his behavior towards Bilbo before, during, or after that. I don't know if you plan on continuing Hobbit stories, but I do hope that you keep the three of them alive- Fili, Kili, and Thorin, that is.

And sorry to intrude, but I also would like to put in my vote for an Aragorn-Elrond story. We haven't seen that pairing except for the comfort-spanking before the quest, and little Estel with Ada in the little fledgling series, but it is quite obvious the amount of love Elrond has for him. And with their relationship as it is, there are so many scenes for an unsure adult Aragorn to be reassured by his ada- scenes where, in fact, Aragorn may just need it from his ada and no one else.

Ah Larrkin, your stories truly are a balm for the wounded heart in this broken world. Thank you so much for the time you put into your them, and giving us only your very best. I know how much it saddens you to not be able to write as much as you would like, due to time and the occasionally recalcitrant Le Muse. But, please just know we appreciate your efforts, and that the wait always pays off.

I hope maybe one of my requests tempted her appetite, and I the additional offer of cookies may raise both of your spirits and imaginations. But not just cookies, for we must celebrate the warm weather, so here is some watermelon, and blueberries, and triple-chocolate brownies for you to enjoy! ;) With frosting.

Thank you, gentle writing duo!! Your efforts mean the world to us!
Such lovely, kind words. I'm really so touched. Thank you!

As to your request, I don't think it's weird at all. I think it has merit, and I think you make some good points as to why it could occur. However, Le Not In My Lifetime Muse, has, shall we say, a reluctance to fully embrace the notion. And without LM's support I got nothing. Again, it isn't weird. It's just a LM thing. But, sorry to say I fear that means I'm not the author who can do this story justice. I feel there's someone better equipped out there to give it the attention it deserves.

Meanwhile, your vote for the Aragorn/Ada story has been noted. You never know what LM might choose to embrace and every vote counts. I also really appreciate all your generous words of support and understanding. I long for the days when I was able to write for long periods of time and immerse myself in my little AU. My online family of readers meant a lot to me, and knowing that they're still there, still supportive means more than I can say. Any time I can open up a WIP and escape for awhile is golden. And all the tasty goodies that await Le Bottomless Pit Muse are greatly appreciated!

Thanks for commenting, gentle reader! I'm glad to know you're out there.

"PS: This Post Script appears at the request of Le Muse, who wishes to make clear that if the brownies are triple-chocolate AND have frosting, then all writing is done primarily by Le Workhorse Muse. Therefore, be it known that Triple Brownies with Frosting are the sole property of said Muse and are far too rich for the blood of mere "authors" or "scribes."

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Hey there lark!I really like your stories.I read them again and again and they never lose their appeal for me.I have just reread the story(sorry,I am not good with titles)where Halbarad spanks Aragorn ere the final march and there it is mentioned an incident where both Halbarad and Legolas spanked Aragorn and pleeeease write it.I have no cookies or brownies to offer as motivation but you can have some of my mom's amazing chocolate pastry.Also I would really like to read an Elrond spanks Estel story

Re: ladybug

Golly. Aragorn is in big trouble. But he usually gets himself into spank-worthy situations with ease, so Le Muse is up for that kind of challenge. ;) Thank you for your request! And Mom's Amazing Chocolate Pastry sounds perfect. It features the magic "C" word. LM is on board with that. So glad you've been enjoying my stories!



Awww, I was reading it again and it is so sweet! I love how tenderly Legolas talks to Devon, and how he speaks of Aragorn. Poor Ranger-child. Can we have a story about Aragorn in trouble, pleeeeeease? He is so sweet and, and, and raw when he has all those sorts of icky feelings roaring inside of him. Any sort of pairing would be fine, him with Legolas, Halbarad, or even Elrond. He always has so much on his plate...poor Estel. Sometimes I jsut want to run up to him and give him a huge hug!!

Ah, sorry Lark. Don't mean to be a bother. Just checking in on you and Le Muse, hoping everything is going ok! Has any tasty morsels tempted her writing recently? Life has been kinda tough lately, and I love curling up in here. Not that the old tried and true EVER get boring. :) As witnessed by yet another reading of this one!!!! So many comforting bed time stories. :)

Best of wishes to you both, and I also come bearing gifts- poutine with a Chocolate-based gravy, beaver tails with whipped cream and berries and chocolate chips, maple syrup, and for SOME type of healthy food- split pea soup. Enjoy, and regardless of when the next piece comes out, thank you so much for all your hard work and putting up with us!


I think another reader also asked for story with Aragorn being spanked. He's always a good candidate for a spanking, so I'll run your request past Le Muse and see what happens. Looks like you don't care who spanks him, really, as long as someone does. Very sporting of you! Sorry things have been difficult lately. I'm glad to know that you've found The Nest to be a safe place. We all need our safe place.

LM and are overseas at present, so life is incredibly busy. But hearing from my gentle readers is never a bother. I appreciate your well-wishes and return them in kind. And Le Muse is fascinated by the unusual assortment of treats, split pea soup included! Many thanks for your understanding and patience. The mark of a true Larrk Fledgling is their extraordinary patience!



How's it going?

Hey, Larrkin! I don't comment often, but I was just wondering how the writing process is going. And it is okay to take your time. Even if you take a while, your stories are always worth the wait. So don't feel pressured to rush. :)

Also, there are a few questions I was wondering about:

1. Have you ever written any fanfiction for fandoms other that Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, or Samurai Champloo?

2. If so, what series/movie/book did you start off writing fanfiction for?

3. What other series/movies/books/etc. do you like, or are super into? What are your favorite characters from those series/movies/books/etc?

4. What series/movies/books/etc. are you currently watching/reading?

Sorry about the question dump, I just like to hear about what people like, and what their interests are, and I'm just curious.

Hope you're enjoying your summer! Have plenty of chocolate pie, strawberry trifle, and freshly baked cakes. :)


Re: How's it going?

Hi Adriana! I'm back from overseas and can finally give your comment the attention it deserves. Thanks for being so understanding and patient with LM and me. Sign of a true Larrk Nestling - extraordinary patience. ;)

1 & 2 - Since these two questions are similar I'll just say that yes, I did, but the effort wasn't worth mentioning.

3 & 4 - Whoa. Loaded questions. Ready for my eclectic reply? Here goes. And, again, since questions 3 & 4 blend I'm taking the liberty of structuring them into a different format.

I'm super into The Marvel Universe, (Captain America, Ironman, Thor, etc.) I'm into it now and have been since they started the film versions but only the film versions. I don't read the comics. I'm a "Stucky" fan, a title that makes me cringe but that means I'm into the pairing of Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Bucky Barnes. However, I like all the characters and the actors who play them.

Also, I like Supernatural. Several years ago I found it on Netflix and binge-watched myself through nine seasons. I don't like scary stuff or horror or gore for gore's sake and I can't say I'm wild about the plot line or the direction the show goes. >P (I gave up watching at season nine.) But if there are complex and interesting characters involved I'm there and I became hooked on brothers Sam and Dean. And the angel Castiel when he joined the cast. The metaphysics of it all makes me cringe. (Again. Your author cringes a lot.) But, eh.

I'm also into Sherlock, the modern day reboot TV version. Talk about great characters. (although I wasn't wild about the last season.)

Moving on to books:

I read all the Harry Potters, so cool, that entire wizarding world.

But I reeeally love the Philip Pullman trilogy, His Dark Materials (The Golden Compass; The Subtle Knife; The Amber Spyglass) I feel a pull to re-read that series about every year or so. (But the film, though visually interesting, was a thin and sad, sad shadow of the book. So disappointing.)

There's a manga that I got hooked on and I ended up owning the series. Death Note. Dark as hell. Weird, horrifying story line, yet fascinating. And oh my god how I loved the art!

The Chronicles of Narnia. Adored it since I was a child. Gotta have Aslan around. The bestest daddy energy even if he's a lion. And Mr. Tumnus is just so sweet.

Tolkien goes without saying of course. The Hobbit and LOTR.

This is just a small sampling. But, since you asked, I also love:

Julian May's series: The Saga of Pliocence Exile - Incredible sci-fi fantasy awesomeness.

All of the various historical fantasy books by Guy Gavriel Kay.

The Alienist by Caleb Carr (lost count of how many times I've read it, but my paperback is beat to hell.)

Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall series.

Annnd, right. I'm just gonna stop here because this is going to become ridiculous real fast. Suffice to say that I've read lots of different things. I didn't even mention the historical stuff, the many different mystery series (Agatha Christie is timeless) and the . . . well, you get the idea. I just touched on a few of my favorites, things I've read repeatedly.

This was kinda fun, though, so don't worry about the question dump. Hope your summer is going well, too. Thanks for commenting!


Edited at 2016-08-03 06:53 pm (UTC)


Hi Larrk! I just wanted to say, great fic you've written here! I love it, just like I love all of your other stories! ^_^ I was just wondering if I could put in a vote for someone (don't really care who) spanking Aragorn, and Legolas getting spanked by maybe Aragorn. Thanks for writing great fics! When will you update? Oh, how I long to see those beautiful yellow letters again ...

Nutella dipped strawberries and unlimited chocolate cake for you and LM! Enjoy!

Hi Sam! Thanks for the kind words. I'm really glad you've been enjoying your time at the Nest. Aragorn's on everyone's hit list. Both he and Legolas seem to have been neglected lately. I'll see what I can do, or rather what Le Muse feels like doing. I gotta tell you, Nutella dipped strawberries and unlimited chocolate cake is just about the strongest incentive possible, so well done you! (If the cake is unlimited I might even get a taste.) Thanks for the nice comment!




Hi Larrkin!!

No new story yet? *pouts* I wonder if I were to beat Le Muse in a sulking contest, if she would cooperate with you to get all of those amazing ideas out on paper...hmmm.

But regardless, just wanted to let you know that we are still here, cheering both of you on! Your stories are amazing, no matter how long it takes. Thank you for being patient with yourself, and Le Muse, and us! enough to write them and hear our request. I vote for an Aragorn story! Poor, poor little Ranger-child.

In any case, I just wanted to stop and and give you a boost of encouragement! That, and challenge Le Muse. I bet I can be more stubborn than she can, for I will ALWAYS wait for a story from my favorite writing pair. :) (Ha, take that! You see, there is no point being stubborn, because we, your faithful fans, will out wait you.) NOT that she should take that as a challenge!!

Thank you for your words, and I hope all is well, in the imaginativosphere and in RL. Keep up the good work, I know it will be amazing, whenever it gets here!

Oh! Almost forgot. :) Here are Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies, double-chocolate brownies, blueberry cobbler, and mint-chocolate chip ice cream for the TWO of you, TWO of you, Le Muse, to SHARE. :) Enjoy!

Re: Hello!!

How kind of you. Really. How very, very kind. I read your comment with a huge smile and I felt truly touched. Lordy, but I have the most incredible readers. My nestlings. I love 'em so. And when someone like you writes a comment full of encouragement, cheering me on and letting me know you're hanging in there, well, it's nearly impossible to describe what that does for a writer. So if you're wondering if an effort like your's makes a difference, let me assure you that it honest to God does. The fact that my readers still reach out to me blows me away. I adore their die-hard loyalty and their heart and their willingness to be like you - wait out the dry times times. And when Le Muse wakes up and I turn to one of my many WIPs it's so exciting to think that maybe I'll be able to change the "new story below" colors on my website and reward my nestlings' faith and their astounding patience. I chip away at my WIPs all the time, so progress is being made. Knowing you're out there makes all the difference.

So your request has been noted for an Aragorn spanking. You're in good company. Lotta requests for a Ranger spanking. And LM is totally your fan as far as lavish treats go. We're talking love here. Although this word "SHARE" baffles my non-corporeal entity. While she's down with adding your quite awesome word "imaginativosphere" to her lexicon, "share" is a stumbling block. We're working on it. Thank you for commenting!


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