June 11th, 2006


Good Questions!

Hi all!

A few days ago a reader posted a few good questions. As other readers have also written to me with these questions, I thought I'd post my response to my reader in a journal entry. So, with my reader's kind indulgence (and patting her head for giving me the idea for this journal update *g*,) :

Question One - Am I updating all or just certain stories?

Just certain ones, specifically, all the stories up to the Noble Soul arc. I have not, however, been moving in sequential order. A Tale to Becalm the Healing is the only series remaining that I intend to edit. I'm working on it now and hope to have some chapters finished soon.

Question Two - What new story will I have next and when?

This is a hard question to answer, and I’ll tell you why, but first I’ll do my best to answer it. Whilst working on the editing, from time to time (when the muse felt like tossing some inspiration my way,) I have indeed been writing a new story. It features the Fellowship, picking up right where we left them last year before I started the Ere the Final March series. The new story starts after Noble Soul, with the Fellowship trekking up Caradhas.

Now, as to why that was hard to answer. (To be perfectly honest, I hesitate to answer it at all.)

Unfortunately, the muse is still the naughty, fickle creature it’s ever been. I can describe this new story thus far; I can tell you that it is, most likely, the story I'll be finishing next and that it’s progressing beautifully, and that I have lots of ideas for it and that twelve pages are already written. I can tell you all that, and then the muse might pop up at any time and blithely say, "Sorry. Forget that one, Larrk. We're going in THIS direction next!"

And that's it. I’m off and running in a new muse-driven direction that I hadn’t seen coming, a new direction in which I had never anticipated moving. And, as for that Fellowship story I just described, you might very well never see nor hear of it again.

So I can make all the plans I want and anticipate what will come next all I like, but it could all end up being folly on my part. *sigh* It can be a maddening way in which to function. But it’s the only way in which I can write, the only way I’ve ever worked. My collection, such as it is, exists because the muse has ever guided my stories and charted my course. And it has unceasingly proven that it knows what's best, blast its fickle, bratty hide.

But I will say that I’m delighted with the story thus far, and the muse is, too – an excellent indication that this is, most likely, the story you’ll see next. We’re both excited about finishing the final series of edits and turning full attention to this brand new series back with the Fellowship. In all good conscience, however, I must encourage you to take all that with a grain of Sam’s salt. (I’ve also had strong pulls and profound story ideas for AFTER the final march, when the troops return.)


As I told my curious reader, I don’t know if all that helped. Hope so. I'm usually in the dark when it comes to this question. Rather disconcerting, but I trust the muse, fickle bratty hide and all. Namarie!