July 6th, 2006


Coming soon --

A new story! Oh yes, a new story is now being beta'd, and it'll be up on The Nest any day now. The muse kicked in full force last Saturday and I've been writing steadily since. Typical muse behavior. It hangs about doing heaven knows what until it feels like tackling me and then BAM! I'm tied to the keyboard.

The results of this muse attack - a new 40 page chapter - will be ready any day now. (My betas are fast and dedicated.) I'll make an announcement here when I've posted it.

Thank you, faithful readers, for hanging in there whilst the muse did heaven knew what. You all deserve big hugs. So choose a character and grab your hug! They're all good at it. And don't worry - Legolas knows to not hug we delicate humans too forcefully. *wink*