February 28th, 2007


Some frolicsome fun

Lookee! A fun thing to play with! Sakura_fairy200 sent me this silly meme, attaching it to the last story post. Recluse writer that I am, I usually don't go in for, nor do I know about, these kinds of things. But this is too cute! *hugs to sakura_fairy200, who I hope will play again and post the results here*

So this is my result - I'm Sam's heart. Awww. Laura played, too, with results that astounded us both, and I hope my dearest Kat will play again and post her result here, too (another surprise, although not all that surprising when I think about it.) *winking at Kat*

I hope you'll all come and play! A little good clean fun to fill the time before the next chapter hits, right? Makes the time go faster, right? Enjoy!

Which Hobbit Body Part are You?

Awwww! You're Sam's Heart. *hug*
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