April 15th, 2007


Trillium's Sweep part four - Fan fiction

At last, at last it’s done! Oh happy, happy, joy, joy! As for how long it took to crank this one out, *sigh* my apologies. I felt like Grady Tripp in one of my all time favorite movies, Wonder Boys. He kept writing and writing and writing and writing, and when someone asked him why he kept writing instead of just finishing his opus, he replied, “I couldn’t stop.”

Twenty-eight pages hardly matches Professor Tripp’s over 2,000 page opus, but I still couldn’t stop. Until now. It is done! I’m numb with disbelief. In about a week I’ll be putting all four parts together and posting it on my web site as one big story. Funny - when I contemplated this project, or perhaps it’s fairer to say that, ‘when the muse decided I was going to write this,’ I pictured it to be a short, lightweight story of about 25-30 pages.

Ha. I Grady Tripped it right into a collective mini-opus of (anyone care to guess the total number of pages?) EIGHTY pages. *sigh* Thank god this thing got posted in separate parts, ‘cause, lordy, I couldn’t seem to stop. Until now! I hope you enjoy. And please feed the muse. You know what that little critter is like (scroll down a few posts for an actual visual courtesy sakura fairy.) “Cookies and feedback?! Mmmm, nummies, let’s go write some morrrrrrrre!”

Aragorn wants to learn a dangerous new horse trick and will do whatever he must to master it. A pre-Quest story, this takes place two years before the Fellowship of The Ring.

Part one is here.

Part two is here.

Part three is here.

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