January 12th, 2016


A Fresh Truth (1/2) - fanfiction

Greetings, my nestlings! Your pleas were heard. Le Muse listened and listened and listened to your requests, gobbled up your tasty offered bribes, (sharing? please.) stomped around for months, hands over her ears, then yelled, “Okay! Fine! Let's give it a go then!” Actually, she warmed to the Legolas spanking Dev notion little by little and finally a spark sparked and we were off and running.

So, here ya' go, and I hope you enjoy the result of your persistent, unrelenting, repetitive and for-the-love-of-god-will-you-lot-never-shut-the-hell-up beseeching. Points for perseverance, my steadfastly loyal gentle readers. Your writer salutes your tenaciousness. You're absolutely the best.

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Devon runs afoul of a certain Prince.

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