January 20th, 2019


Kindred Spirits (4/7) - fanfiction

Greetings, my wonderful gentle readers! All of you have been so amazing and Le Muse and I love your comments! (LM is especially loving the treats!) So kind of you to take the time. It really does mean a lot to me. Thanks hardly seems like enough, but thank you hugely.

As a few of you have noticed, my previous story, A Fresh Truth, brings up a continuity issue. However A Fresh Truth (wherein Dev receives a spanking from Legolas,) takes place after Kindred Spirits. So our Dev still has that first elvish spanking looming in his future. He had extensive training from Legolas before he killed the two trolls in The Troll Incident, but he killed those the two trolls with his own bow. He'd never tried to thieve Legolas's elvish bow before, and that's the premise behind A Fresh Truth.

Back to our three wayward young Rangers, who were sharing a rare and expensive wine (made all the sweeter because it's been nicked,) and ready to blithely continue on their dangerous path . . . .

Faramir, Devon and Gwinthorian join forces for an adventure and court Certain Doom.

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