March 29th, 2019


Kindred Spirits (7/7) - fanfiction

Greetings Gentle Readers! Thanks so much for your patience and for all your kind comments. As promised, here's the last chapter of my "opus." It took a little longer this time because Le Muse actually made an appearance and added some material, much to my complete shock. She's crawled back beneath her blanket now and is grumbling about being in desperate need of some immediate early Easter candy, especially a large quantity of chocolate (any variety but white,) and Peeps, in bunny shape, please (because LM is a picky little snippet, and a touch gruesome, as she likes to consume bunny shaped Peeps while looking out at her massively over-populated bunny farm.)

I've been looking at the next story, Good Intentions, and I think I can start posting it within the next few weeks if all goes well. So keep an eye out! Many hugs of appreciation to all my patient fledglings!


Faramir, Devon and Gwinthorian join forces for an adventure and court Certain Doom.

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