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Foster Father of the Heart Archive

Here's where you can keep track of all the parts in Foster Father of The Heart.

A story about Boromir and Faramir that could very well be subtitled: “Wherein Our Angsty Sons of Gondor Act Out and Come Smack Dab Up Against Their Devoted Mentor, Damrod.”

[Part One] A restless Faramir and a stoic Boromir disagree over just how able-bodied little brother is.

[Part Two] Boromir proposes “a little adventure.”

[Part Three] Enter Damrod, pondering the brothers’ absence.

[Part Four] Boromir and Faramir deep in a Dire State of Affairs.

[Part Five] Faramir’s musings and the Dire State of Affairs worsens.

[Part Six] Safe once more, but now awaiting Certain Doom, our brothers enjoy their favorite game of Squabble.

[Part Seven] Certain Doom pending, the friendly game of Squabble continues and Faramir comes up with a brilliant notion.

[Part Eight] The wait for Certain Doom ends as Damrod arrives, just in time to catch the brothers in their mischief.

[Part Nine] Some surprising behavior from Faramir, however, in the end, Damrod gets his bairn right where he wants him.

[Part Ten] Faramir finds himself in a familiar though unhappy position - over the knee of his very determined and heavy-handed lieutenant.

[Part Eleven] Damrod insists on discussing something Faramir would rather not remember.

[Part Twelve] Faramir's dark memories and sudden realizations.

[Part Thirteen] Faramir's spanking continues.

[Part Fourteen] Faramir's spanking concludes.

[Part Fifteen, 1] Finally, it's Boromir's turn over Damrod's knee.
[Part Fifteen, 2]



stay put!!

Thank You so much for this story. I like your stile and of course I`m thinking how "stupid" brothers can be. In a loving way. Boromir is really a leader. He sacrifice himself to please his brother. Who will find them first? Legolas, Aragorn anyway I don`t want to be in their shape... What will be the worst punishment for them? No spanking! Please write soon more. This is getting better with every word.

Re: stay put!!

You're most welcome, to be sure, and thank you in return for your feedback. I grinned over the "loving way" you called the brothers stupid - hee! They do kinda give that impression, don't they? You're absolutely right about this - What will be the worst punishment for them? No spanking! Very true, although I'm not so sure the 'mir brothers would agree at the moment. ^_~ more soon!



I my god.. during the last days I'd read all your stories and I love them. This one of Boromir and Faramir ist actually great, no gorgeous, but I would like to read some more of Legolas! <3 Maybe a story about Legolas as a young child causing his ada many problems. Maybe involving Haldir, too. <3
Back to this story it's just to say too, that brother can act so damn stupid.. incredible!
I love your style; write on very soon!!!!

Re: gorgeous!

My apologies for taking so long to reply. I rarely visit this page, so I didn't realize your comment was here. How it slipped by me in my email box is a mystery, but given the date and the turmoil that was going on in RL then, I'm not all that surprised. However, I do apologize, because I make it a point to respond to all my readers and I don't like to leave anyone unanswered.

So, thank you for commenting and welcome to the Nest! I'm delighted that you found your way here and that you're enjoying the stories. I've noted your preferences, however I'm not one to write stories about the characters as children, unless it's part of a flashback or memory. I understand that there are many other fine writers out there who do enjoy writing children stories, so I leave the field to them. But I'm glad you like this story and do keep watching, as it's still a WIP and there's more to come!

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