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Foster Father of the Heart Archive

Here's where you can keep track of all the parts in Foster Father of The Heart.

A story about Boromir and Faramir that could very well be subtitled: “Wherein Our Angsty Sons of Gondor Act Out and Come Smack Dab Up Against Their Devoted Mentor, Damrod.”

[Part One] A restless Faramir and a stoic Boromir disagree over just how able-bodied little brother is.

[Part Two] Boromir proposes “a little adventure.”

[Part Three] Enter Damrod, pondering the brothers’ absence.

[Part Four] Boromir and Faramir deep in a Dire State of Affairs.

[Part Five] Faramir’s musings and the Dire State of Affairs worsens.

[Part Six] Safe once more, but now awaiting Certain Doom, our brothers enjoy their favorite game of Squabble.

[Part Seven] Certain Doom pending, the friendly game of Squabble continues and Faramir comes up with a brilliant notion.

[Part Eight] The wait for Certain Doom ends as Damrod arrives, just in time to catch the brothers in their mischief.

[Part Nine] Some surprising behavior from Faramir, however, in the end, Damrod gets his bairn right where he wants him.

[Part Ten] Faramir finds himself in a familiar though unhappy position - over the knee of his very determined and heavy-handed lieutenant.

[Part Eleven] Damrod insists on discussing something Faramir would rather not remember.

[Part Twelve] Faramir's dark memories and sudden realizations.

[Part Thirteen] Faramir's spanking continues.

[Part Fourteen] Faramir's spanking concludes.

[Part Fifteen, 1] Finally, it's Boromir's turn over Damrod's knee.
[Part Fifteen, 2]



stay put!!

Thank You so much for this story. I like your stile and of course I`m thinking how "stupid" brothers can be. In a loving way. Boromir is really a leader. He sacrifice himself to please his brother. Who will find them first? Legolas, Aragorn anyway I don`t want to be in their shape... What will be the worst punishment for them? No spanking! Please write soon more. This is getting better with every word.

Re: stay put!!

You're most welcome, to be sure, and thank you in return for your feedback. I grinned over the "loving way" you called the brothers stupid - hee! They do kinda give that impression, don't they? You're absolutely right about this - What will be the worst punishment for them? No spanking! Very true, although I'm not so sure the 'mir brothers would agree at the moment. ^_~ more soon!

March 2019

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