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A Word, Sir - fanfiction

Surprise! I can hardly believe this myself, but Le Muse suddenly showed up with a story for dear friend Kat's birthday. Over the years many of you have written to me with suggestions and ideas and bunnies and I've appreciated them all. This short, stand-alone story comes from one of those suggestions, although I can't remember which of you sent it. Thank you, whoever you are.

I hope to someday finish Foster Father. But I was so happy to be back in business I didn't care what Le Muse wanted to write. At least this tale features Boromir (who else would I write about for Boromir-centric Kat's birthday?) so all you Steward of Gondor-lovers won't feel deprived. I hope you enjoy this little tale, and, as ever dear readers, thanks for your outstanding patience!


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Boromir and Gwinthorian hold a mischievous discussion that someone overhears.

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Merciful Middle Earth!! A new story! I can't find words strong enough to express my joy!

Well, this long interruption certainly didn't damage your writing skills. I'd really missed your elegant style, your endearing characters, the loving world you created, and I got it all back. There I was again, laughing at Gwin's talent for mischief, squirming with Boromir, looking at my computer with wide eyes as if Halbarad was truly in front of me. I'm glad you discussed the Tower of Ecthelion's adventure in more detail, because for some reason I've always liked that episode.

So thank you for this story! I hope LeMuse is staying with you. *knocks on wood*
This was such a fun comment! It was really nice to hear that the long hiatus didn't affect Le Muse. And I loved reading about your reactions and the way you lived the story along with the characters :D I hope Le Muse decides to hang around, too. Thanks so much!



It really felt like Christmas when I saw those big red words on the screen: New Story! I was so excited that I just gulped it down and had to return later to enjoy all the little nuances. I'm grateful for your return as I love this crazy, awesome world you've spun out of a strict and rather austere cannon. I was wondering if "The Hobbit" movie would help to nudge Le Muse so I always returned once and a while to check your site. Since everyone is sharing their favs I just have to say mine are Gwin and Halbarad; they are simply adorable and there they are again in your new tale. I sincerely hope you still feel inspired to write and I'll be checking up in anticipation.

thank you and great writing!
Thanks so much for your thoughtful review, Lampwicke. I really enjoyed it. And thanks for checking in every so often. I'm so grateful to my readers who stayed hopeful through such a long dry spell. I can't say what woke Le Muse, as I haven't felt a real strong pull to write a Hobbit story (just a few small niggling ideas that keep resurfacing.) But I'm glad to know that your favs were featured in this little tale. I'm hoping Le Muse will return again and soon, so thanks again for the faith and for commenting.

It's been a while since I've checked here for anything new - glad I did today though!

I found your stories years ago, and have read and re-read everything many times.

SO happy to see a new story, happy to know you haven't quit for good.

I'm delighted to know that you've been enjoying my stories over and over. The Nest will always be here for my readers. I hope never to quit 'for good,' but to always keep open to whatever Le Muse sends my way, whenever it's sent. Thanks so much for commenting, and for staying faithful.



It would be so amusing if Damrod were to find out! His displeasure ahhhh I can feel it! Goosebumps on my skin! And, oh Gwin... oh, Gwinling. tsk.
Fantastic story. Missed you lots!
Of course Damrod will find out. As to Gwin *sigh* what can I say? He's so himself, and, as Halbarad reflected, his reasoning is entirely his own. Thanks for commenting!



I don't know whether to say thank you or congratulations or I love you very much!!!!!!

Let's say all of them!! Again and again!!!

*hugs Larrk*

Welcome back!! So glad to hear from you again :)

Please please please never go away again!!! Are there any more stories on the horizon?

Loved the Halbarad story! (Still keen for one with him and Legolas)

What a kind 'welcome back!' Thanks! If it's of any comfort, I never really go away. I'm always here. It's Le Flighty Muse that abandons me and leaves me with no voice with which to tell another story.

Are there more stories on the horizon? Always. Always. Always. There are many, in fact, WIP's that sit quietly in my files for sometimes years and years, waiting to be resurrected, some very big and almost finished, some very small and just started. I read through them, and every now and then one will catch the interest of Le Muse and then I'm off and running. Sustaining that, keeping Le Muse talking is the trick. Hence the healthy file of Works In Progress.

I'll say this, as soon as something new is ready I offer it here. And although I wish I could, I can't make promises or predictions or commitments, because Le Muse doesn't care if I fulfill them or not and I do care. Should I make a promise and Le Fickle Muse then decides to take flight, there I'd be with no voice, no story and an unfulfilled commitment knocking at my door. To quote a certain elfling, "Ew."

So I hope I've answered you're question. If not, my apologies. Le Muse helped dictate the answer. :)

Wahhh, this was fantastic! I read your stories about a year/18 months ago before I had a livejournal account and I LOVED them! I really liked how subtle you were about things, and how adorable certain boys are when they're feeling sore and sorry. And Hal must be so intimidating! But he is my favourite, as is Aragorn. I was so excited to stumble across this - such a treasure after a difficult day! Thank you. I hope your Muse stays a while!
It made me smile to think that this little tale was there to soothe you after your tough day. Halbarad is calmly intimidating when he needs to be, that's true, and in this case, with a potentially contrary Steward of Gondor, he needed to be. ;) Thanks so much for the nice comment!



Hello there Larrk!! I was rereading your wonderful stories when, to my surprise, I see the words "New story below!" GIANT hugs to Le Muse for coming out of hibernation! I absolutely loved this one, the connection between Halbarad and Boromir was great :). I was wondering, maybe you could do a story about Halbarad getting spanked? When he was younger, by his father or maybe an older ranger? Just a suggestion :)
Much Love to you and Le Muse

~Nikki xoxo
Webmistress Laura sure knows how to get folks' attention with her flashy announcement, and I always grin when a reader tells me how excited they were about that announcement. :) As to your 'young Halbarad' suggestion, athough this isn't a story I feel a real strong pull to write (plus you can imagine my staggering backlog right now,) I do keep all my reader input in a special file and look back on it from time to time, so thanks for your idea and thanks for commenting!



Hey Larrkin! Since your last story, has LeMuse been stirring? Or has she gone back into complete hibernation? I hope not! *Pout*

Anyway, another story request...what about the story when Aragorn spanks Legolas after the council? I mean, we see a little bit of it in Aragorns musings when he is dealing with Boromir for the first time as an adult, but we don't really see it. But personally the story I am most looking forward to, if Le Muse decides to oblige, is the one with all of the mischief-makers...that would be a crazy fun one to read.

Ah well, just checking in and hoping Le Muse hasn't gone to hide like Gwin from Halbarad, especially after his fiasco in the tavern, or Legolas from Aragorn when he is feeling obstinate, or Faramir from Damrod...actually, I am also looking forward to Legolas' and Aragorn's response to their baby brother's plan to ride after them and then his subsequent behavior. In any case, hope Le muse comes out again soon!
Le Muse hasn't gone back into hibernation, but, RL is about to escalate into an uber-intense time-gobbling period. *sigh*

Thanks for your story requests. It's been a long time since I received a request for this particular Legolas story. I was watching Fellowship recently and the part when Legolas stands up at the council and gets in Boromir's face is simply an invitation for a spanking, especially when a softly stern Aragorn orders his elf to sit. As for your other suggestion, now that's a spanking (or spankings) waiting to happen! And it would be really fun to explore.

Thanks so much for your enjoyable comment!


It's so good to see an update. It was definitely worth the wait.

Looks like Halbarad officially has another youngling under the care of his arm. Good thing we all know he's more than capable of handling it, although Boromir might wish that he wasn't quite so capable. ^_^

Welcome back and thanks for the amazing story!
Good to see you! It was a long time between offerings, I know, and I'm glad you were still checking in. I'm also glad you enjoyed this little tale. It was all kinds of fun to write. And I love your description of it. :)

Thanks for popping in to read and to comment!

~ Larrk
Oh! so nice to see a new story. Well nice is tame compared to your other readers, but it is NICE. I was wandering in my mind over all your stories and remembering my favorites when I realized that it is almost 10 years that you have been giving us these treasures. 10 years, amazing. And thank you for sharing with us, with me. Now how about something with Legolas in it. Please, pretty please with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a cherry on top?
I happen to like the word "nice" very much. And I greatly appreciate your (dare I say it?) nice comment!

Ten years. Pardon my gasp. Doesn't seem like it's been that long. But how good of you to acknowledge it. Thank you, and it's been my pleasure!

As to your request for a Legolas tale, I'm assuming you mean one in which he's receiving rather than giving. I actually couldn't recall the last time I'd written a story like that, so I checked the website. The last time Legolas was spanked was 2008! Good lord! We can't have that! Le Muse has therefore taken your request into serious consideration. Evidently chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a cherry on top goes a long way with LM.



It's great to see you writing again!

So, I was just reading re reading your stories again, and just have to request a story of Legolas spanking Aragorn when he was a boy! And some more stories of Elladan/Elrohir spanking Aragorn! And I would love to read a story on a week of spankings every other night, like the troll incident, or the trillium sweep :)

Thank you for your amazing stories, and I hope you'll come out of obligation land soon :D
Yes! I've served my term of indenture to Obligation land and have rejoined the living. As for Le Muse, having also bravely survived the ordeal it's rebounded with a vengeance.

Methinks you enjoy Aragorn tales. I happen to love writing stories about a certain Ranger in need of attention. Of course, my problem is that I love writing stories about ALL the characters in my AU who are in need of attention.

But I do appreciate you sharing your requests and preferences with me as I enjoy knowing what my readers like. And I really appreciate all the kind words!

~ Larrk
I had a giant heart attack when I saw there was a new story. A good one, of course. (: Ohh so good! Thank you for writing the way you do.
My pleasure! I always grin when readers tell me about the charge they get from the 'new story below' notice. Thanks for commenting and sharing your enthusiasm for this one!



OMG awww. I've never really liked halbarads scenes with aragorn. He's a little too belittling for my tastes. I actually skipped their first spanking scenario. But awwww he's so sweet and heartwarming with other characters OMG
I'm glad you're enjoying my writing! I'm sure Aragorn and Legolas will be content in knowing that Damrod took care of matters very well indeed. ;) Thanks for commenting!



Hi Larrk. I just love every single one of your stories, and I enjoy this one no matter how many times I read it! How long do you think it'll be until you post a new one? I'm looking forward to it, 'cause I know you'll be awesome at it, as usual! You know, I was thinking ... for some reason Gwinthorian always reminds me of myself. I know, it's weird, but none of my parents pay attention to me much ... Sometimes I'll feel jealous of other people such as my friends when I see their parents giving them hugs. Like, my mom gives me hugs and so does my dad, but it doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I wonder why they ignore me sometimes ... Sorry, I'm rambling now. Anyway, whenever I feel sad, I come to your website and read some of my favourite stories. They make me feel happy and safe and warm, and sometimes I wish that I was even one of the characters in the story so I could feel comforted and safe! That's weird, huh? But whatever, I don't think I would mind, though a sore bottom doesn't sound too appealing according to your stories. I love your stories, and I'm waiting for more! Great job! You've inspired me with the detail, love, and care you've put into every single one of your fics, and I know you'll do awesome, like usual. Merry early Christmas, and a happy New Year to you, Larrk!

Yours truly,
Hi T.D. and thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed this story. This one almost wrote itself. I'm close to completion on several new stories right now, so I'm hoping it won't be too long before I can post, provided Le Muse cooperates.

I think it's comforting when you can relate to a character the way you do to Gwin, but I'm sorry to hear that you feel the way he felt as a young elfling. I'm really pleased to know that you find refuge in my stories, 'cause I sure did when I was writing them. And it's good to know that you feel you're being helped and have a safe place to come and be comforted. It gives me a big dose of satisfaction with what I've created, and we all need that. So I appreciate your openness and your willingness to share. (And I can understand your feelings of wanting to be one of the characters absorbing all that attention, but, yeah, the sore bottom would hurt!)

Reading your kind words has been like opening an early Christmas present. So thanks again for writing and for your continued faith in me. Happy Holidays, T.D.!

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