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A Word, Sir - fanfiction

Surprise! I can hardly believe this myself, but Le Muse suddenly showed up with a story for dear friend Kat's birthday. Over the years many of you have written to me with suggestions and ideas and bunnies and I've appreciated them all. This short, stand-alone story comes from one of those suggestions, although I can't remember which of you sent it. Thank you, whoever you are.

I hope to someday finish Foster Father. But I was so happy to be back in business I didn't care what Le Muse wanted to write. At least this tale features Boromir (who else would I write about for Boromir-centric Kat's birthday?) so all you Steward of Gondor-lovers won't feel deprived. I hope you enjoy this little tale, and, as ever dear readers, thanks for your outstanding patience!


 photo wordsir_zpsd66b8404.jpg

Boromir and Gwinthorian hold a mischievous discussion that someone overhears.

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From Jordan

Hi Larrk! Great Story. This is always the best bedtime story for me! ;) It always brings tears to my eyes when I read this. Sometimes I almost wish that I would be in your canon - everything seems so nice. Maybe except for the spanking part! XD A fiery bottom doesn't sound very pleasant to me!

What do you think Aragorn and Legolas would have said to Boromir about this incident? Do you think that they would swat him too? Maybe they would ... We all know how protective Aragorn and Legolas are of their fledgling/little brother!

Thanks for the great stories, Larrk! I hope the writing's going good. Do you think you can give an estimated time of when the next story will be up? Looking forward to it!


P.S. What do you feel for Elladan and Elrohir spanking Aragorn? Or another Garrick and Devon, perhaps ... Thanks again for the great stories.

Re: From Jordan

Glad you enjoyed it, Jordon. Thanks! I imagine Aragorn and Legolas certainly would've had something to say. ;)

I have stories in development featuring some of the characters you mentioned, but I'm not one to give more than vague hints in case Le Muse languishes on a certain storyline.

My long-term readers are used to the fact that it takes me a long time to finish a story. So I hope you're the patient type, too. I also can't predict when a new story will arrive - too many demands on my RL time and never enough hours to do as much writing as I'd like.

Thanks for commeting, Jordon!



Hi Larrk!

How are you doing? I've been on a long journey through your stories, re-reading nearly every one! Anyway, I just wanted to ask what happened after Boromir's swatting? What were Legolas' and Aragorn's reactions?

Hi! I'm good, thanks, but life has been crazy busy lately. I'm glad you've been re-enjoying my stories and I appreciate you letting me know.

I imagine that after Halbarad was finished with Boromir he had some fast explaining to do when Aragorn and Legolas discovered the evidence that night. They would not be amused to find out what he and Gwin had been talking about doing. However, being familiar with Gwinthorin's clever manipulative tactics and with Halbarad's thoroughly dissuasive technique, they'd have figured all was well in hand. Besides their little fledgling/brother would have given them such sad, regretful eyes they couldn't do anything but forgive his poor choice. ;)

Thanks for commenting!

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