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A Goodly Pace - fanfiction

LeMuse has been keeping me incredibly busy after my indentured servitude ended, and in the midst of everything else I'm working on, this little ficlet popped in.

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Legolas, Frodo and a quiet morning ride.

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended. This story is not meant to violate the rights held by New Line, Tolkien Enterprises, nor any other licensee, nor is any disrespect intended. I don’t own Tolkien’s original characters, however, my OC’s, Gwinthorian, Garrick, Devon and several other Rangers are exclusively my own.

A Goodly Pace
by Larrkin

"Go faster."


"Legolas! Go faster!"

"No. Stop squirming, Frodo."

I watched Aragorn and Boromir riding on ahead of us towards Osgiliath, galloping their mounts at a speed I envied. I wanted to go fast like they were! I wanted to feel the wind in my face, pulling at my hair, pushing me back against the solid wall of elf behind me. I wanted to fly! Yet Legolas insisted on trotting his horse along at this sedate and boring pace.

I wanted to go faster!

"They're getting away from us!" I cried.


"WHO?" I huffed. "Aragorn and Boromir of course!"

"Oh. Of course. Aye, indeed they are. They should be there soon."

"Well, I want to gallop with them!"

"Frodo, don't be silly. We cannot possibly catch up with them now."

"But we could go as fast as they are!"

"No. This is a goodly pace for us."

"Legolas, I won't fall. You're holding me tightly enough against you."


"So go faster!"

I felt rather than heard him sigh, but his tone remained soft and patient. "You would be shaken about too much did I break into a gallop, sweetling. No."

"Aragorn didn't forbid it."

"He did not have to. He knew I wouldn't do it."

"But --"

"We shall get there, little one."

"Eventually, I suppose, but --"

"I happen to be enjoying this ride with you." I felt him lean down to purr a warm "mmmmmmmm" against my curls; then he kissed my head and sat up, saying, "Are you bored with my company?"

That was rather unfair. "Of course not! It's just that --"

"If you are bored and wouldst rather go back I can return you to the city, perhaps leave you with Sam at the greenhouses."


He chuckled. I fumed a little, knowing he was playing with me. Aragorn and Boromir were now far in the distance. I fumed a little more, then I exclaimed, "I don't want to spend another day falling asleep on my feet at the greenhouses, and I'm not bored with your company, and I don't want to go back, and I'm enjoying riding with you out here on the wide open expanse of the Pelennor Plain! I just want to go FASTERRRRRRR!"

And I started bouncing up and down and kicking my legs against the horse's sides. The animal completely ignored me. But Legolas didn't.

He reined in his horse, picked me up, and gently flipped me over. Suddenly I was stretched out in front of him, stomach side down, bottom side up, staring over the side of the horse, and - and Legolas was yanking down my britches! Right there on the wide open expanse of the Pelennor Plain!

I gasped and cried, "Legolas! You wouldn't!" Which is about the dumbest thing one can say when in such a position. Because Legolas certainly would, and Legolas did.

He didn't say a word. He just placed his arm over my back, held me securely in place and spanked away with his elegant, dreadful elvish precision. I drew in ragged breaths and wriggled and kicked and yelped and squeaked and hoped with all my might that this wasn't going to be a full spanking. Please, please, pleeeease, let no one ride by!

Then, suddenly, Legolas stopped. He'd given me only about ten swats, but ten swats from this elf left a meaningful sting. He pulled my britches back over my freshly spanked bottom, picked me up and sat me right back down again. Firmly. My eyes watered and I sucked a sharp hiss and arched my back.


I didn't say it, but I thought it. Ow. Ow, ow, OW! I couldn't even reach back to rub the burn because I was sitting on the burning part. Owwwww! I was ready to launch into a resentful pout, but Legolas leaned down and kissed the side of my face, his arm hugging my waist, cuddling me closer to him. He snicked to his horse and tapped it with his heels and off we went again at that slow trot. It felt much more intense now.

Legolas slid his lips close to my ear and murmured, "Still want me to gallop my horse, little one?"

And I sat there on my sore bottom, feeling the sun and the breeze on my face, feeling Legolas nuzzling my curls and all I could do was lean back against him and say, "N-No. No, thank you, Legolas. You're right. This is a goodly pace for us."

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