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Go On (1/1) - fanfiction

I'm still working on some multi-chapter stories, but I'm sorry to say that my writing time seems to have become more and more limited. This little ficlet is something of departure for me. You'll see what I mean. If it isn't to your liking, please ignore it. It's just for fun, not really part of my canon. Le Muse wanted to play with it a while back, so I wrote it and tucked it away. But, what the heck. Here it is.

 photo GoOn_zpsqmi9s6th.jpg

Sam encourages Frodo to comfort himself.

For my patient, awesome readers. Thanks for your loyalty.

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended. This story is not meant to violate the rights held by New Line, Tolkien Enterprises, nor any other licensee, nor is any disrespect intended. I don’t own Tolkien’s original characters, however, my OC’s, Gwinthorian, Garrick, Devon and several other Rangers are exclusively my own.

Go On (1/1)
by Larrkin

"Go on, Mister Frodo."

"Sam, no," I whispered.

"Go on. No one can see you under our blankets here. It's private. Just a'tween you and me. 'Sides, Gandalf is on watch and the others are all sleeping. No one will know."

Sam lay snuggled up against my back. He drew his fingers through my curls, trying to lull me, but I just . . . "I can't."

"Go on," he murmured in my ear. "I know you want to."

"Sam, I can't. It's been less than a week since the Fellowship left Rivendell. I can't start doing . . . that. It's a bad habit and I . . . I'm trying to stop."

"Nonsense. It's not a bad habit. You love it. And it helps you go to sleep."

"Well, yes, but I don't want anyone to know I do it."

"Merry and Pippin already know. They've known for years and years."

"That's different. I don't want all these warriors to know."

"They're right nice warriors."

"They are, but still . . .."

"They won't care."

"I care, Sam!"

"Even if they somehow found out, they'd understand," he said, a grin in his voice. "They'd prolly just think it was cute."

I huffed.

"I think it's cute."

"Sam!" I gave a sound of disgust.

He chuckled low and kissed the back of my head. "No need to make your 'ick' sound at me, love. They're just warriors, and they're all fond of you."

"I don't want to appear weak in front of them."

I really didn't. I already felt inadequate to the task I'd volunteered for in a rash moment at the Council. If even one of these brave, strong warriors found out about this . . ..


Uh-oh. Sam's stern voice.

"I can't let you say that, Frodo."

And he'd dropped the 'Mister.' Yup, my Sam was Serious.

"It's got nary a thing to do with weakness. None of this calling yourself weak. Understand?"

"But, you don't think it would reflect poorly on me if they knew that I . . . that I . . .."

"'Course not." Sam scoffed. Quietly. We were supposed to be asleep. "Why, I never heard of anything so silly. Besides which, Strider already knows."

My face flushed hot. "He does not."

"Does, too."

"Does not!"


"Blast it, Sam! Why do you think so?"

"Just makes sense. After Bree? When we were on the way to Rivendell? Strider stayed up all night watching over us. He likely saw you do it then."

"Oh, nooo."

"Or heard you."

"Oh, nooooo! Sam! You said nobody would know!"

"Well . . . nobody 'cept maybe Strider."

I groaned.

"Shhh, hush now. No need to fuss," Sam said in his firm, tender tone. "He likely thought what I think."

My eyes popped open. "You're saying that Isildur's Heir thinks it's --" I winced. "-- cute?"

"Well, maybe not 'cute.' Adorable, more like."


"Or maybe 'sweet.'"

"Stop." I wriggled, but he chuckled again, his soft puffs of breath warm against my neck.

"All's I'm saying is, it's nothing to feel bad about, my Frodo. No one's like to notice, and even if they do they sure as sunrise won't care. Nary a one in this Fellowship would deny you your small bit of special comfort."

I thought that over. Was Sam right? He usually was right. And he always wanted what was best for me.

"Don't think I haven't noticed what you're doing --" he'd said a little while ago when he'd thrown our blanket over us and curled up behind me, "-- or what you're trying to not do, that is. So we're going to talk this over here and now. I've had enough of you denying yourself, Mister Frodo. It's just not on, and no mistake."

He nuzzled my ear and said, "How does it make you feel when you do it?"

I couldn't admit this to anyone other than my Sam. "It makes me feel like I'm being cuddled from the inside out."

"Awwww." And there was his voice that made my insides go all warm and soft. My Sam has many voices. "Everyone here would want that good feeling for you. You know it's true, dearling."

He hadn't called me that in a long time. My already fragile willpower crumbled further. I did so want to do this! "But what if they hear me? What if they figure it out?"

He reached around, covered my left hand with his, drew it to his lips and kissed my palm. "I reckon they'll think what Strider does, that it's downright adorable."

I blinked. A little grin tried to pull at the sides of my mouth. "Sam. You don't know that Aragorn thinks it's adorable."

"'Course I do." He guided my hand around to my front. "And who knows? Maybe the others'll take it up themselves."

I giggled.

"Can't you just see Boromir--"

I giggled louder. "Sam!"

"Or Legolas? Or how's 'bout Gim--"

"Stop!" Now I was close to a giggling fit.

"Frodo. Sam." Aragorn's voice sailed out of the darkness and under our blanket. Aragorn has many voices, too. This was his 'that's enough' voice.

"Aye, Strider?" Sam called back.

"That's enough."

"Sorry, Aragorn," I said, swallowing down the giggles.

"Must I come over there?"

"No sir, Strider. We'll be good."

"Because if I need to come over there--"

"No, please, Aragorn. You don't need to. We really will be good."

"Very well then. Settle down, both of you. I shan't warn you again. Go to sleep."

"Yes, sir," Sam and I answered together.

"There now," Sam purred in my ear. He squeezed my hand. "You heard him. Settle down. And you and I know what settles you down and makes you sleepy. Of all the folk in this Company you're the one who deserves comfort the most. Leastways, that's how I see it. And there's nary a reason why you should feel embarrassed about doing what helps you. If'n it was me, what would you tell me?"

Well, that was it. And Sam knew it. He could always win a disagreement with me by asking that question. He actually should've just started with that question and saved himself the trouble of the dispute. But sometimes I think Sam likes to make me try to see reason before he decides to win his argument.

"Alright, my Sam," I whispered, rubbing my face against his hand. "You win."

"Awww. There's my sweet Frodo." Sam's rough fingers gentled across my knuckles. He leaned over and kissed my cheek, then he picked up my thumb and touched it to my lips. "Open," he said. I obeyed him, and Sam slid my thumb into my mouth. I closed down and sucked. Mmmm. My limbs melted.

"Ahhhh." Sam wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. "Thaaat's it. Go on then, love. I want to hear the pretty little sucking sound you make. Helps me sleep, too. Go on, my sweet Frodo. Go on."

And I did.


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Yay! New story! This was so cute and was exactly what I needed to give me the warm and fuzzy feelings to sleep :D

The word "departure" is a little scary!!! However, the multi-chapter bit sounds promising...

Anyway, thanks for this ficlet.

- A
I'm glad it was helpful. By 'departure' I meant that, although I'm fine with thumb-sucking (did it 'till I was five,) I've been told that many wouldn't like the idea. I thought it was cute and Le Muse was eager to write it, and anytime I can get Le Muse writing I go for it. But that's why the 'departure' comment. So I'm glad you liked it. :) Thanks for letting me know!


Edited at 2015-06-12 12:00 pm (UTC)




Thank you so muck Larrk for another fantastic story!!! xDDD

*hugs and chocolate cookies your way!*


I love the squeal. :D And I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the enthusiastic comment and for the chocolate chippers! Le Muse yummed 'em all up!


Edited at 2015-06-12 11:48 am (UTC)


So cute! I love them so much and Frodo sucking his thumb was such an adorable idea! Thank-you for a new story!

Re: Gahhh!!!

Thanks so much! Le Muse and I totally agree about Frodo's means of comfort. I'm glad you liked it, too! thanks for commenting!

My internet has been out for about a week and a half, and this is just the perfect thing to see now that I finally have internet again. I completely agree with Sam. Aragorn and the others would most likely think that Frodo is just adorable. Well, more adorable than he was before. ^_^ I'm glad as always to see an update. I'm looking forward to whatever idea gets shared with us next.
It's always so good to see you, geebaby. Sorry about the net problems, though. Being disconnected can leave a person feeling adrift. I'm thrown when it happens for a day or two. But for a week! Yikes!

I'm so glad you liked this story, and I'm happy to know that you can see what Sam sees about Frodo's little secret. I think it just adds to his overall adorableness. :) I'm glad your net problem's been resolved, and thanks so much for the kind comment!



finally a second

I finally have a second to leave a comment for such a sweet story. I thought it was so adorable thanks for the fluffy read.


Re: finally a second

forgot my review name its lizzy.


Sam's right, Frodo. We don't think you're childish, we just think you're adorable. Man, this story was so cute, I actually squeed out loud while reading it! Seriously, this story is just cuddles on toast, and we all love it.

Speaking of thumbsucking: I actually dated a girl in 10th grade who still sucked her thumb. Her mother also still sucked her thumb on occasion, and she was well into her forties, and so did her mother. So adult thumbsucking isn't that unusual. Don't worry Frodo, you're not the only one who does it!

Baking and decorating cakes for you and Le Muse,

Your comment is like cuddles on toast, Adriana. (nice descriptive phrase) Thanks! Great to see more support for Sam and his Frodo.

I smiled at your story about your 10th grade girlfriend and her family. As to the question of adult thumb-sucking I'll just say that it's calorie-free, it doesn't hurt anyone else, it won't leave you with a killer hangover the next day and, as occasional stress relievers go, it's pretty danged effective. Or so I, you know, hear tell.

Le Muse is salivating in cake anticipation. The comment I heard squeaked was, "Cake! Woo-hoo! Bring it on!"



so sweet!

Awwwww that was the sweetest thing :3 i think i have a crush on you're histories ! And i been missing you always such a happy surprise to find a new one here

Re: so sweet!

How kind of you! It's nice to be missed, and I'm really glad you've been enjoying my canon. Thanks so much!


Edited at 2015-06-14 05:52 am (UTC)
Actually, that hadn't been my intent. I'd just wanted to keep Frodo's little secret a secret 'till the end. But when I finished and read it over I realized that his means of comfort could be easily misconstrued. Bit of an "oh my gosh!" moment, let me tell you. (Honestly though? I wouldn't put it past Le Devious Muse to have orchestrated it all along, wickedly messing with my sub-conscious.) So your observation made me grin. :) I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for the feedback!



Awww! This was so cute! I checked back because my Larrkin-radar was beeping inside my head, and I've been having a hard time (I'm SO tired!) so I checked back and sure enough this was here. Thanks for sharing this with us, Larrk! Hope you and LM enjoy these chocolate chip cookies.


Re: Awwww!

Gosh, a Larrkin-radar? I'm impressed. Sorry you're worn out, but it's good to see you, Teddy. I'm glad there was something here when you checked and I'm really glad you liked it. Thanks for commenting. (Le Muse snarfed up the chocolate chippers!)



A lovely birthday present <3

I can't describe how warm and fuzzy this little ficlet made me feel. <3

I want to draw fanart for it. Do I have your permission to link back to your story when I do?

Re: A lovely birthday present <3

Sure! Link away. I'm glad you liked the story enough to feel inspired and I can't wait to see what you come up with. Thanks! (So, it's your birthday? And the warm fuzzy is your present?)




Thanks Larrkin

Re: awwww.

My pleasure. :) Thanks for commenting!




Omg this is the cutest thing ever thank you thank you thank you!!! I live for this fluff!!! ;)
~Forest :)


My pleasure, Forest! Glad you have a taste for shameless fluff. Thanks for the great squeeeeee! :)



Hey, dropped in to see this little piece of art! ^_^ Loved it~ I'm wondering, when are you planning to write the next story? Do you have any more Garrick/Devon...? I've noticed that Legolas hasn't gotten into mischief in a while ... Or I've noticed that during one of your stories, umm, I think (I might be wrong) that you've mentioned that Legolas taught, or rather helped Devon with his shooting skills or something. Maybe Devon could have gotten into a bit of ... naughtiness and Legolas had to discipline him, I don't know. Always know that we love your stories! I always end up reading them at least more than five times, sometimes even more than ten! >_< Thanks!

Your fan,

Devyn (not sure if you remember me ... I think I did comment on one of your stories and mentioned that I had a name similar to 'Devon', one of your characters!)
Hi Devyn! Yes, I do remember you. I liked the way you spell your name.

Your comment really lifted my spirits. It's been an insane summer of one thing after another with little breathing time in which to write. That sounds like a lame excuse to me, but when my energy level is depleted I simply can't do justice to the characters or the story I'm trying to write. Apologies that it's taking me so long to update, but rest assured I'm working on several new stories. Now if I just had the time to finish them.

Thanks for your great Legolas/Devon bunny and your 'Legolas needs a spanking' suggestion. You're right - it's been a while since our elfling went over someone's knee, and a few other readers have expressed a desire to see him land in some trouble. Le Muse is on board with that. ;)

I can't tell you how much your kind words mean to me. I hate abandoning Middle Earth for so long. But it's wonderful to know that my awesome readers (like you, Dev!) are still there.

missing everyone,




Hey Larrk!!! Loved this one, it really lifted our spirits! We were just scrolling down the comments after reading this, and the Legolas/Devon one sounds really good! Maybe you could write that...?? And we most definitely want that Legolas spanking (wink wink). Anyway, just remember that your fans are behind your back!! You're like a celebrity to us! ^_< Please update soon!

-The Jo Twins (Jo-Kwon and Jo-Kwang). (We're twins; we wrote this comment together. We hope you don't mind. :p)

Re: Hmm....

You two sound adorable! And your comment did so much for me. Thanks for all the nice things you said. Of course Le Muse latched on to the celebrity status remark and will be impossible to live with now. ;) I've noted your story requests. Seems like quite a few folk want the same stories. Interesting. Thanks again for your cute joint comment, Jo-Kwon and Jo-Kwang!



Another masterpiece. Loved it, Larkk. I was wondering when you would be updating .... I think that the Legolas/Devon one sounds really good, or maybe Elladan and Elrohir and Aragorn...? Whichever sounds good to you .... A Legolas spanking is definitely a must! ^_^ I hope you'll be updating soon~ Just remember that there are lots of people who look to you as a role model (I definitely do), and that we're standing behind you so please don't ever stop writing!

Your fan,

L. Joo
Your comment made me smile, L. Joo! :D Weird to think of myself as a role model, but what a nice thing to say. (LM is, of course, all tickled.) Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the little story. I wish I could give you an answer as to when an update will appear, but my life is a whirling tangle of busyness. Makes me crazy. I do keep working on things, though, when I have the time and the energy. And I so appreciate my readers' extraordinary faithfulness and patience. Your story requests have been noted, and thanks again for the kind comment!

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