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Go On (1/1) - fanfiction

I'm still working on some multi-chapter stories, but I'm sorry to say that my writing time seems to have become more and more limited. This little ficlet is something of departure for me. You'll see what I mean. If it isn't to your liking, please ignore it. It's just for fun, not really part of my canon. Le Muse wanted to play with it a while back, so I wrote it and tucked it away. But, what the heck. Here it is.

 photo GoOn_zpsqmi9s6th.jpg

Sam encourages Frodo to comfort himself.

Go OnCollapse )


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Greeting, Larrk!

I'm a new reader to the nest but I adore your stories and I sped through all of them each and every single night without missing out! They are the best stories in this world, I bet! I have actually never seen stories written so well! How long have you been writing for? Your stories are so beautiful, some of them even bring tears to my eyes!

It seems nice for the characters, including your OCs, to be loved by another person, hmm? Kind of jealous, if you know what I mean. I wouldn't enjoy the sore bottom, though! :p Have you ever wished that you were one of the characters? Or am I the weird one? ;)

Some of my favourites are 'Ranger Child 6' and 'Boundaries Redefined 6', as well as all of your Devon/Garrick and Halbarad/Gwinthorian. I saw some people comment and say some of their requests, so if you're okay with it and I'm not annoying you with my blabbermouth, then can I vote too? ;) I think the Legolas and Devon seems like such a good idea, and it'll be even better because you're the one who will be writing it! (Poor Devon, so many people want him in trouble! *grins an evil grin*) I also think that Legolas should get a bottom-warming soon.

Have you ever thought of Halbarad spanking Legolas? I know that Halbarad has given him a few spanks here and there ever once in a while, as you mentioned it in your stories, but I think it would be kind of interesting if Halbarad gave naughty Legolas a full spanking. *wink wink* know what I mean? In one of your stories, you wrote:



Sorry! It got cut off because I accidentally pressed the 'post comment' button! Stupid me. Anyway, as I was saying, you wrote something about Legolas telling himself never to get spanked by Halbarad. Well, he could be a bit naughty while under Halbarad's authority! Or was it Boromir who thought that? Oops, can't remember! I have the worst memory ever.

I'm sorry for bothering you with my blabbering. I'll stop now, and leave you alone. I hope I didn't annoy you. Thanks for all the beautiful fics, I love every single one of them! When do you think you will update?




AHHHHH! Larrk, all of your stories are just beautiful! I'm a new reader to the Nest, and I find the Nest very comforting ;) This story was just so adorable. I feel you are a genius to write a story so well! I have fallen in love with your story! :p I agree with the people who have commented before me - you really should do a Halbarad/Legolas or Devon/Legolas! Poor Dev, so many people want him in trouble! Sorry, a few questions! I hope you don't mind!

1. Are you planning to write any more Garrick and Devon stories?

2. What do you think Garrick would do if Devon used some naughty language in front of him?

3. Am I annoying you? :D

4. Will you write any more Halbarad/Gwinthorian stories?

5. When will you update? ;)

6. (last question!:p) Has any of your characters used an implement for a good bottom thrashing or do they just use their hand?

Sorry, that probably annoyed you! I have a habit of asking a lot of questions when I am obsessed with something! >.< Please update ASAP! You write soooooooo well!



Welcome, Kathy! Thanks for all your kind words. I'm really glad to know that you find the Nest a comforting place to hang out and that you enjoyed this little story. Le Muse noted down your interest in seeing both Dev and Legolas in some trouble, so we'll see what happens.

Yep, I'm planning more Garrick/Devon, and more Hal/Gwin. I have many of those kinds of stories in my WIP file, waiting for when I have the time and energy to finish them. If you'll read through my responses to the many folks who wonder when updates will be forthcoming you'll see a reoccurring theme - I wish I had an answer as to when I'll update, but I don't. I severely lack time and energy, both of which are essential to crafting a Larrk story worth reading.

So hang in there, Kathy. You'll be joining an elite group of fellow Awesome Larrk Readers whose patience and loyalty is nothing short of legendary.

PS: And, no, in all the stories I've written you won't find one implement. Just because you won't.

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Great story!
Thank you!



Hi Larrk! It's your number one fan!! :D I realized that I read this story a lot but forget to comment so I rushed over and now I'm writing this. I love all of your stories, they're masterpieces! They are so beautiful. You write so well! I was just thinking that I think a Legolas and Devon story is a really good idea. What does LM think? It's been a while since you last updated ... I think 5 months? I check in every day to see if you posted a new one, looking for red letters :) I hope you update soon!! Fresh and homemade chocolate chip cookies coming your way just for you and LM! Enjoy! ;)

Hi, number one fan Marya! Thanks for all your lovely comments. How kind of you. LM agrees that a Legolas/Dev story is a great idea and is currently turning it over in that feverish Le Muse brain. I've been asked to pass along the message that homemade chocolate chippers go a long way towards feeding LM's little grey cells. So good call. ;)



Poor Devon. I put in a vote too for Legolas and Devon story!


(You know Devyn, someone who commented on your story before? He's my brother, just to let you know :D)
Got it, Des. So Devyn with a "y" is your brother, huh? Interesting. Le Muse and I welcome your family vote!



When will you update? Please do a Legolas and Devon story!
Soon as I can. Thanks for your patience!



Oh my god Larrk I am in love with these stories! I am new here but I sped through all of your stories!! Did you stop writing or will you continue? I really like Devon, he reminds me of my little brother. Can you please write a story about Legolas spanking Devon??? Or maybe Boromir and Legolas. That's pretty interesting, even though you do already have a story with Legolas and Boromir.... Do you mind if i ask a question? Sorry, I didn't mean to bother you with my blabbering. I'm pretty boring. So, anyway, was there ever an instance where Legolas and Boromir BOTH got into trouble so Aragorn had to spank them both? I'm pretty sure he could do it; two bottoms to blister in a night!! Now, I will leave now and allow you to be peaceful. Hehe. :D Sorry, I'm really hyper right now. Actually, I'm always hyper. Thanks for the great stories and please post a new one soon!!!!!!!

-Hyperion (also known as Riri - that's what my friends call me)
Welcome to the Nest and thanks for the enthusiasm! I'm glad to know you've been enjoying my stories. I see poor Dev is still destined to be on the receiving end. Aragorn could pretty much handle any amount of spanking he needed to no matter who got into trouble. I'm always hoping to complete a new story. In the meanwhile, take deep, calming breaths and think of the Shire to quiet the hyper crazies. They never take you anywhere, Riri.



'Departure?' Oh, no, are you going to stop writing? Please don't! I am in love with your stories! You make me feel like I want to be one of the characters in your stories, if you know what I mean. Or not. Is it just me? Am I weird? I'm not jealous of the spankings, though :p

Others have commented and said that they would like a Legolas and Devon story. Can I put a vote in too? It sounds pretty cool, especially since you're writing it. You are officially my most loved author! I would pay money just to read these stories! ;) How long have you been writing for? Your writing skill is just ... WOW. No other word to explain it. Thanks again for all the wonderful stories! Please don't leave us, and PLEASE do the Legolas and Devon story! Love ya~!

Thumbsucking was the "departure" to which I was referring, as I was told by some that it was considered somewhat outside the "mainstream."

I'm really glad you like my stories. I get that you kinda envy the characters, but I think what you long for is the attention they receive and the unconditional affection, not the sore bottoms that go with all that good stuff.

Your vote for poor Dev is tallied. Jeez, what HAS that kid done to deserve all this attention? Thanks so much for the wonderful comments about my writing. You're really too kind. As to how long I've been at it, lets just say I've been writing for what seems like a never ending period of time. I sometimes hit dry spells and sometimes I take unavoidable leaves of absence, but part of me remains ever in Middle Earth. My long-time loyal readers will tell you that I have in the past vanished for up to and including three years at a time, then I've popped right back as though I'd never left. So condolences on becoming a Larrk fan, Jessica. It requires an unearthly degree of patience, but you are all dearly loved by your devoted author.




I've never commented before, yet I've read every single thing you've shared. Your writing is outstanding. We are incredibly lucky that you choose to share your talents with us in this way, using characters we all know and love when you could be making considerable money and achieving considerable fame on original works. You have a great talent. Your dialogue is so natural, and the way you have managed to weave this world where everything makes perfect sense and seems to just...fit is amazing. The stories aren't even in chronological order and yet they all make perfect sense and that is a testament to your writing skills.

I do have a soft spot for your Frodo. I just think you write him beautifully and especially his relationship with Sam. I love that even when a story doesn't centre on my 'favourites', characters still get a mention and your favourite parts of their relationships still shine through. I love Halbarad and Devon and Garrick and I could go on and on. I just think you're a bloody genius.

I hope on a selfish level you write some more soon. I noticed some people were giving you ideas and I will always read anything you produce. But you've mentioned a couple of things in previous stories that would be interesting to see! Pippin and Frodo struggling after they lost Gandalf, even just everyone being reunited with Frodo and Sam, Frodo and Devon together? I do love your post war stories, I love to see how all these now troubled souls can be healed. Basically...write whatever the hell you want. You're brilliant.

Re: Amazing.

Thank you so much for your kind words about my writing. I'm really touched. I've always felt quite fortunate in my readers because I've loved writing these stories and the fact that others have liked reading them and found something meaningful within them has been more than I could've ever hoped for.

I had to grin when you mentioned that the stories make sense despite the non-chronological order. When I first started writing I had no direction and no plan to write in any linear order. I was just kinda writing stories that appealed to me. Then readers began requesting stories with certain characters so I started trying to weave together some kind of cohesive Quest story line. Soon, don't ask me how, I found myself somehow tangled up in various time lines (still can't recall how I ended up in the future,) and now I had several OC's and a request list a mile long. This was all delightful and gratifying and exciting, but, well, Yikes! Anyway, thus was born the bizarre can-we-even-call-this-tangled-mess-a-“story line.” God bless my patient readers. Larrk fans (that includes you,) are nothing if not accepting, versatile and altogether simply the best.

There are sooo many stories I'd started and wanted to write that I never finished. Many of them are the early Quest tales and the healing stories featuring our hobbits. My earliest readers likely recall that Frodo has ever been the character with whom I most closely identify, but I dearly love all the characters and feel a need to include each and every one as much as is possible. Taking on every distinct voice is a trip into a new and fascinating psyche and this marvelous Middle Earth tapestry of players is a never ending, awesome journey. I love it and I miss it when the drudgery of common Life overshadows me and Le Muse retreats into Herself.

So thanks for your thoughtful comments and for your interest and your requests. Readers like you are precious. I realize how fortunate I am as a writer, and I love knowing you're there. My nestlings never fail to amazing me.


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Reread this so many times! I was wondering if you had a tumblr for fans to follow?
Sorry, but no, I don't have a tumbler account. The few times I've visited tumbler I've come away appreciating it's offerings but thoroughly baffled as to it's workings. Tumbler looks like fun, but it's likely one of those things I wouldn't have time for. I'd end up neglecting it and feeling guilty for neglecting it. So thanks for asking, gentle reader, but if I have time on my hands I think I'll spend it hanging out with Le Muse. ;)



Hey Larrk, I was wondering when you would update .... Can you please do a Legolas and Devon story? Do you think you will update by January? Thanks!!
Hey back! I'm doing my best to update as quickly as possible. No idea when that will happen, but your story request has been noted, and thanks for your continued patience.



Hi Larrk!

Hi Larrk!!! I'm a new fan of yours, new to the Nest! I just wanted to say that these stories are really good! They're awesome. Some of my favourites are with Devon and Garrick and Gwin and Halbarad. I love how Gwin is so cheeky with Halbarad sometimes! I was wondering if you were planning to write anymore of Devon and Garrick and Gwin and Hal. They're really good. Your stories are so beautiful; I wish I could write as good as you do! I do write stories, and as I read these brilliant stories of yours, my own writing improves. So thank you! You've basically been my teacher for a while, heh heh. :D

I saw that some people wanted a Legolas spanks Devon story. If you don't mind, I was wondering if I could put in a vote too. It's been a while since you updated, and I think that A Legolas and Devon story plot would be the best, especially if you write it! How does LM feel about this plot bunny of Legolas and Dev? I also realized that Legolas hasn't gotten a spanking for a VERY long time. Maybe Aragorn could spank him. Or maybe even Halbarad. Legolas could be under Halbarad's authority for a time being and he could cause some mischief with Gwin.

Anyway, I hope you'll update soon! I'm your new devoted number one fan! Thanks again! Please write a new story soon, I'm dying!!!


Re: Hi Larrk!

Welcome to the Nest, J.J.! I'm really tickled by all your kind words about my stories and my writing. It's sweet to think that you consider me to be something of a teacher. (LM is all kinds of flattered!)

I've added your vote to the Legolas/Dev spank story. (Also, poor Dev.) LM is all for it, and in fact we have a good beginning. Willingness isn't the issue with this one. I fear time's the issue. It's definitely not on our side. If finding spare time was a bugger before it's a mega bugger now, not to mention the holidays are consuming what meager bits of extra energy I have left over at the end of the day. Oh, how I'd love to do nothing but play in the quiet solitude of Middle Earth for awhile! You have some good ideas and fun requests, J.J., and I appreciate your interest in passing them on.

Thanks for hanging in there. Remember, the trick to being a Larrk fan is the fine art of patience. Sorry, but there it is. I hate asking for such perseverance from my gentle readers, but, well, take a look at Larrk's posting history. Sadly, a need for patience 'twas ever thus. Happy to have you here!




Hi Larrk! I've realized after reading your stories again that I forgot to drop you a comment. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful stories! Your writing is so beautiful and it brings me such joy when I read one. I was just wondering when you were going to update. Just remember that all of us support you, okay? ;) I was wondering if you could do a Legolas and Devon story, I saw that others commented about it and I thought it would be a good story. Good writing! I hope you have a happy new year and I hope you had a good Christmas! :)


Re: Hiiii!

Hi Derek! Thanks for your lovely comment. So glad to hear that you've been enjoying my stories! It's hard to describe how much it means to me when readers like you take a moment to drop me a line full of kind words. Knowing you good folks are out there offering support makes all the difference. Legolas and Devon have been much on our minds of late, so I've noted your vote. And thanks for the New Years and good Christmas wishes. My holidays were terrific, thanks. I hope yours were as well, and best of luck in the coming year!



Great stories, I love them. Please do a Legolas and Devon!! :D that would be so awesome because you're the one writing it. Have a great New Years!
Thanks for the vote of confidence. Many other seem to agree with your Legolas-Devon choice and I'd certainly try my best. I'm very glad you've been enjoying my stories, and thanks for the New Years wish. Same to you!



Story request

Happy New Year!!!

I hope Le Muse will come out of hiding soon, your stories are so beautiful and I love them so much!!! I will throw in a request of my own- can we have another Aragorn story please? It has been such a long time since he has gone over anyone's knee...the poor, lonely king who has to be all strong for everybody. I love the compassion, love, and Truth you put into your stories. Here is root beer floats and gummi worms to Le Muse in celebration of the New Year! Hope something tempts her to come out to celebrate!!

Re: Story request

Thanks, and Happy New Year to you, too!

And thanks for the sweet comment. So kind of you. Interesting to see a reader thinking about our king. It seems to me that another reader had asked for an Aragorn story in a comment to this story. Several felt Legolas had been neglected, too. All too true, I fear. You're right, of course. Aragorn's way overdue. Le Muse will definitely take it under advisement. Especially since gummi worms and root beer floats were thoughtfully included in the suggestion. Nice bribe. As is just about anything that's sweet and will make LM sugar-rush loopy. ;) Thanks for commenting!

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