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Kindred Spirits (4/7) - fanfiction

Greetings, my wonderful gentle readers! All of you have been so amazing and Le Muse and I love your comments! (LM is especially loving the treats!) So kind of you to take the time. It really does mean a lot to me. Thanks hardly seems like enough, but thank you hugely.

As a few of you have noticed, my previous story, A Fresh Truth, brings up a continuity issue. However A Fresh Truth (wherein Dev receives a spanking from Legolas,) takes place after Kindred Spirits. So our Dev still has that first elvish spanking looming in his future. He had extensive training from Legolas before he killed the two trolls in The Troll Incident, but he killed those the two trolls with his own bow. He'd never tried to thieve Legolas's elvish bow before, and that's the premise behind A Fresh Truth.

Back to our three wayward young Rangers, who were sharing a rare and expensive wine (made all the sweeter because it's been nicked,) and ready to blithely continue on their dangerous path . . . .

Faramir, Devon and Gwinthorian join forces for an adventure and court Certain Doom.

Thank you, Kat, for being my constant companion year after year, the one I turn to for calm, sage advice and the bestest beta in all the land. I'm so fortunate in you.

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended. This story is not meant to violate the rights held by New Line, Tolkien Enterprises, nor any other licensee, nor is any disrespect intended. I don’t own Tolkien’s original characters, however, my OC’s, Gwinthorian, Garrick, Devon and several other Rangers are exclusively my own.

Chapter one is here.
Chapter two is here.
Chapter three is here.

Kindred Spirits(4/7)
by Larrkin

"I was not sleeping."

Gathering up his bow and quiver, Faramir said, "You were. Your eyes were open, but you were asleep." He turned to me. "Strange sight that."

"I know," I replied, shrugging into my haversack. "I've seen him do it."

"I was not aslee--!"

"I called your name three times ere you came awake," Faramir said with an accusatory grin.

"And I heard you each time," Gwin said, strapping on his sword. "First you told Dev, 'Look. He's asleep,' then you called my name, then you said, 'Gwin, are you sleeping?' then you shouted, 'Gwin! Wake up, Master Sluggard!'" Gwinthorian, who wasn't nearly as ruffled as he should be, frowned mildly at Faramir. "Most uncivil of you, Captain."

Faramir stared at Gwin. "You were awake," he said with frank amazement. "I . . . Gwin, I don't know what to . . . my apologies, sir."

Gwinthorian, already heading for the tree trunk, nodded at him with a tolerant air. I rolled my eyes. Minutes later we were back on the trail, walking side by side. The woods were fragrant and damp with dew. All was peaceful. But a slight tension hummed between my two companions. I walked between them, waiting. Faramir, thoughtfully on edge, finally asked what I felt was a quite reasonable question.

"Gwin, if you were awake, why didn't you answer me when I called your name?"

"I did not want to."

I burst out laughing. Faramir seemed less amused than I was.

"What?" he exclaimed. "You let me stand over you, calling your name, and you didn't answer me simply because --"

"I did not want to."

Faramir glared at Gwin so intently he nearly walked into a bush ere I grabbed his arm and yanked. "Why, Gwinthorian?" he asked in a sharp tone whilst stumbling 'round the greenery. "Simply jesting were we?"

I stayed out of this. I understood Faramir's irritation. He felt silly and he questioned what he'd done to deserve Gwin's teasing. But I knew Gwinthorian. He was fond of Faramir and Gwin would never do something obnoxious to another simply to gain a laugh at his target's expense. Now, to teach a lesson, perhaps --

"I chose not to answer you, Faramir, because of something you have either forgotten or conveniently left out," Gwin said. "When you awoke you rolled over, sat up, looked at me and muttered, 'Faith! He does sleep with his eyes open.' "


"I was not sleeping," Gwin continued. "I had been alert all night, just as I said I would be. So forgive my small prank, Captain Sir, but I did not appreciate being doubted yet again."

Faramir struggled with this for a moment. I had awoken after he'd muttered the comment that had nipped at Gwinthorian's pride. First thing in the morning and his elvish competence had already come into question. And he had been so faithful through the night, standing guard whilst we mere mortals slept. At least that's how Gwin would have seen it. I felt our honorable captain would see it that way, too.

A moment later Faramir turned to Gwin and said, "Well done, sir. I'm sorry, Gwinthorian. Please forgive me. I shan't doubt you again. You are no sluggard, Sir."

I raised a brow and glanced at Gwin. "Thank you," he said, then he sniffed a small laugh. "But Halbarad will likely disagree with you about the sluggard part."

“Oh, the stories I could tell,” I muttered, making my friends chuckle.

So peace was restored and we relaxed into our familiar camaraderie once more. Gwin, blessedly, heard nothing threatening during the entire journey, so our trek to Faramir's refuge was quiet, beautiful and much more relaxed than it had been the day before. We could walk abreast of each other and talk and laugh as we had for a short time yesterday until late in the afternoon, when Faramir's eagerness grew, as did his pace.

"Another hour," Faramir said. "We'll arrive at the perfect time, when the sun is going down."

We marched on, our anticipation building. Soon I heard a low rumble in the distance, and shortly thereafter we broke through an opening in the trees and there were the falls, pounding down the mountainside from a great height into a massive cloud of mist below.

"Henneth Annûn," Faramir breathed, his eyes bright with affection and excitement. We paused but a few minutes to admire the sight, then Faramir cried, "Come! This way."

We followed him through the woods to where a well-hidden entrance guarded a trail cut into the rock of the mountain. Faramir led us single file up the narrow, sloping pathway, up and up and up further still. Gwin and I slowed our steps several times to gaze at the spectacular view of the Ithilien hills and valleys stretching out beneath us. More falls in the distance crashed down the mountainsides. Finally we entered an opening in the mountain and passed through a wide tunnel of rock, and when we came out and turned we were on a broad landing directly behind the falls. To our backs was a huge cavern, supplies stacked all around, barrels, sacks, wooden crates and weapons. Candles and torches lit the darker recesses of the cave and entrances to other passageways branched off from the main chamber.

"Welcome to Henneth Annûn," Faramir said with a mixture of exhilaration and reverence. His eyes positively glittered.

Gwin and I followed him, wandering into the cavern, turning 'round and round slowly, taking it all in.

"It is much grander than I had imagined it to be," Gwin said with quiet awe.

"It is," I said. "Much bigger and grander."

We followed Faramir’s lead, removing our haversacks and weapons and storing our belongings along one wall when three of Faramir's Rangers emerged from one of the tunnels. Gwin and I stayed in the shadows and watched Faramir rush forth to greet his men. The Ithilien Rangers warmly welcomed their returning captain. His men loved him, that was clear. Faramir had, according to him, been in a dark frame of mind when last in Ithilien, and now his men were genuinely pleased to see their captain looking well and seeming like himself again.

Faramir drew us close and introduced us, and as was always the case, these Rangers could scarce keep from staring at us. Would Gwin and I ever get used to this? Faramir quickly began asking after the state of affairs and the men answered that there were skirmishes here and there with those bands of renegade orcs and wildmen escaping from the lost war and causing trouble. But things were becoming more settled in these lands. The Rangers were anxious to relieve the watch, though, a duty for which they were already late, so they began edging their way out soon after reporting this news. Faramir released them and they hurried off through the tunnel, leaving the three of us alone in the cavern.

We watched the Rangers leave, then Gwin turned to Faramir and me with knowing eyes. “Valar knows what loathsome things I might have heard yesterday in the woods.”

So we were back to this. I sighed. Faramir and I exchanged a glance, then he said, “Aye, Gwin. We are safe here, though. I suppose you spotted my sentries out amongst the cliffs.” Gwinthorian simply grinned. "Ruddy elf," Faramir muttered fondly. He then crossed to one side of the chamber and disappeared behind some barrels, talking to us the whole time:

"These passageways tunnel deep into the mountain, branching off into other passageways and chambers, some large, some small. But this is the largest. Several dozen Rangers can meet here before setting out on patrol or undertaking a mission." He emerged again with a tankard of ale for each of us. "No time right now to show you around," he said, glancing at the falls. "Later. For now, though." He raised his tankard. "Gentlemen, well done."

We tossed back our ale and removed our cloaks, the chamber growing ever lighter with a warm glow, and then, all at once, the sun lowered enough to shine through the falls.

I wasn't prepared. Who could prepare themselves for such a sight? An explosion of light and color burst into the cave, sparkling over the surfaces of the rock, bringing the cold surfaces alive. I was stunned by it. Faramir grabbed our tankards and set them aside before Gwin and I dropped them in a daze.

"Come," he murmured, beckoning to us. "Come closer."

He led us through the round opening to the falls and the broad landing just behind the mist. The colors and the light drenched us. It was almost too much to see. Gwin lifted his hand, palm up, the colors twinkling upon it, and I did the same, slowly closing my fingers as though to grasp and hold that brilliance, as though it was a living thing. Faramir's voice echoed through my mind:

"Thousands of rainbows light up the water, glittering and dancing and turning the world into a sparkling wonder. You stand there, bathed in an iridescent light, a color that seems to enter your body and caress your soul . . .."

I looked at Gwin. He appeared luminous, glistening with a shimmering luster like some imaginary being. He turned and gazed at me, his eyes growing impossibly wide. Two days ago we were entranced by Faramir's magical words, and now we were mesmerized by the view he had tried to describe. I understood what he had tried to tell us, but even Faramir with all his gifts couldn't fully translate what it felt like when that iridescent color and light entered your body and caressed your soul. He hadn't tried to. He'd simply invited us to experience it. And, bless him for the effort!

Faramir watched us from one side, a broad smile on his face. The roar of the falls thundered from where we stood, but we heard him. "I know," he shouted, laughing. "There is nothing like it."

Gwin laughed and I beamed at him, then we stood still and silent, drinking in color for several hours or for several minutes, I was unable to tell. Minutes seemed more likely since the sun was going down, the light through the water changing as it did.

When the sun touched the horizon and began sinking lower the sparkles traveled up the water. We backed away. And the moment I was no longer distracted by the roar and the glistening light of the falls, I sensed something that sent a jolt through me. My heart lurched. Faramir shot me a wild-eyed look and Gwin made a small desperate sound, clearly hearing something disturbing.

We whirled around. There at the other end of the cavern stood Aragorn, Legolas, Damrod, Halbarad and Garrick. My chest tightened. My muscles clenched and a heavy thud hit in my stomach. Gwin breathed a foul elvish word and Faramir gasped a soft, "No."

But my throat was too tight to function. I stared at their five stern, yet horribly calm faces, a hobbity voice echoing in my mind, “I mean, look at the lot of them, five of them, sitting there like a great wall of supreme authority! I mean, do you see?”

Yes, Pip. I see. There it was. My friends and I were facing that great wall of supreme authority.


They looked as though they had encountered an army of Uruk Hai. They might have considered that preferable.

Our three runaways were doing exactly what I would have done in their situation, each of them standing quiet and frozen, like a pack of wild creatures sensing a predator. They looked primed to turn and bolt. I understood, having faced many a vexed disciplinarian many times. I had never confronted five of them at once, though. Perhaps we should have stationed a few Rangers at the exit.

Nay, these three were too wise to run. There was nowhere to run to. I knew, having tried to run away from the unavoidable once myself. A good scare can shred reason. But even if they tried to escape there were five of us who would gladly chase them down. I had once seen Halbarad race after and catch a fleeing Gwinthorian. Faramir, even when he was at full strength, was unlikely to escape Damrod, and Devon, my former companion in mischief, had no hope of outdistancing Garrick's long legs. But then, we could have simply sent Legolas in pursuit. He would collar the lot of them within minutes.

They looked suitably stunned standing there, wide-eyed and waiting. Let them wait. They had earned a taste of forbidding silence. Amongst the five of us Legolas and I were in the unique position of having experienced that kind of yawning silence ourselves, and those moments of tension and anticipation ere sentence was passed were awful to endure. In a way I felt for the young rogues. But I didn't feel for them that much. Let them wait.

Strange watching Devon there across from me, he and I having so often been together on the wrong side of trouble. Obliging Dev. Ever eager to let me lead him astray. He was well groomed to follow Faramir into trouble. But, despite my little Ranger's powers of persuasion I doubt Devon had agreed to this roguishness as readily as he had always agreed to my own. Nevertheless, Faramir had somehow convinced him, so there Dev stood, trying to avoid looking at Garrick.

They were all trying to keep from locking eyes with any one warrior. Their attention skimmed over us, lingering but briefly. Yet they knew better than to drop their gazes and invite being singled out with a "look at me" order.

Faramir recovered himself first. Evidently thinking that as captain he should make the initial overture, he took a small step forward and opened his mouth. I also stepped forward and I placed a finger to my lips, silently advising him to 'shhh' ere either Damrod or Legolas gave in to their desires and stalked forth to quiet the boy in a more direct way. Emotions were running high. The chamber fair crackled with them.

Faramir blinked and closed his mouth and I pointed to one side of the cave where some piled up sacks of grain stacked evenly against the cave wall would serve as a fine seat for our three wayward young Rangers. Silent and wary, they headed towards the sacks whilst my four comrades and I positioned ourselves across from them, leaving a goodly space between us and our prey. No need to stand and tower over them. They were intimidated enough.

"Do you know what we are?" Legolas had said last night.

"Annoyed?" I had offered, grinning at Halbarad who gave me a look.

"Pippin's great wall of supreme authority," Garrick answered.

"Aye!" Legolas said.

Damrod's scouts had just signaled that our runaway Rangers were bedded down safely for the night, so we could relax enough to grin, recalling Pippin's Tookish observation.

"At least they had the sense to leave that little one behind," Damrod said.

"Aye," Halbarad said. "If anything could have made things worse . . .."

Legolas said, "I can imagine what Pippin's reaction will be when he learns he was not invited to join them."

We all softly chuckled at the thought of Master Took in high huff.

"Sit," I now ordered our three bratlings. They flinched.

"Whilst you still can," Legolas muttered in a simmering voice.

Stiff-backed and watchful, they sat, looking the way I had felt countless times when caught in a web of my own design. The five of us must have made a chilling sight. We had arrived the evening before and waiting the day for our guests to appear had fanned our displeasure rather than cooling it down. However, all present shared an understood message; although these three knew that significant certain doom was about to descend sooner than they had surely expected it would, they also knew they were safe. In trouble up to their disobedient necks, but safe.

There was no one spokesperson amongst the five of us. The others thought the duty should be mine as highest ranking officer, but I felt that all of us should speak when moved to do so. In truth, there was little to be said. But, given the seriousness of what these three had done, some examination whilst they were in the company of one another seemed suitable. They could by no means excuse their behavior, so I intended to let them try.

I began the round of unanswerable questions with the one I always dreaded to have asked of me:

"What were you thinking?"

Blank stares. It truly was a most unfair unanswerable question, comparable only to the dreaded, "Explain your actions." But these three were highly intelligent and well-spoken, so one of them was sure to step up and try to answer - ahh. Of course. Captain Faramir. Again.

"My lord," Faramir began with unnecessary formality, "I thought --"

"Nay. You did not think," Damrod interrupted. "You did not think of many things, one of them being the danger."

"But, sir, I did," Faramir replied. "I did consider the danger and --"

"It had no bearing on your decision?" Legolas asked.

Faramir blinked. "No. I mean, yes. I mean, yes, I-I considered the danger, but --"

"You wanted to do what you wanted to do," Damrod said.

"And that was what mattered the most," Legolas said.

Faramir shot to his feet. "No! It wasn't like tha --"

"Sit. Down."

Damrod's low, menacing tone sounded identical to Halbarad's. In fact, I glanced over, thinking at first that it was my lieutenant who had spoken. But Hal had been silent thus far. Only Faramir, the clear instigator of this rebellion, was under fire, and Damrod and Legolas had him well in hand. The lad swallowed hard and sat, and he might have continued to be the center of attention but for a certain impassioned elfling who had evidently suffered enough of this.

Gwinthorian leapt up. "Is he to be permitted the courtesy of responding without this constant rude interruption?" he cried. "'Tis unjust and, and . . . discourteous!"

Gwin had a point, but this was not the time, nor was he the person to make it. A thick silence filled the chamber, all eyes focusing on the bristling little elf. Then, at last, Halbarad spoke: "Aragorn gave you an order, Gwinthorian. Sit. Down."

Aye. The selfsame ominous tone as Damrod's, low, quiet and infinitely powerful. Under different circumstances that voice would have made my stomach clench. Gwin studied Hal, his eyes growing wide, then he sank back down, and for a moment all was quiet.

"Lord Aragorn," Faramir said, looking directly at me, "have I your permission to speak?"

There was naught Faramir could say that would make a difference and nothing we five were likely to credit. Each one of these younglings had his own reason for what he had chosen to do, and each one would face the consequences of his choice. And yet Faramir was bravely attempting to answer the unanswerable question. I felt a strong urge to forgo this useless step, but the boy's sweet, pleading gaze went straight to my heart.

"My little brother has a certain look that melts me," Boromir had once told me on the Quest.

"Doubtless he knows it," I replied.

He grinned and nodded. "Aye. He does. And sometimes, especially when he is facing a spanking, he tries to do it on purpose. But I can tell when he is and isn't sincere." Then he paused, his features saddening with what Legolas and I had come to recognize as his 'thinking-of-Faramir' look. "When I was about to leave for Rivendell he stood beside my horse gazing up at me with that look, and I . . . I vow, Aragorn, I nearly reached down, hauled him up behind me and galloped off, regardless of what our father had decreed."

I now watched Faramir, seeing that earnest expression my fledgling had tried to describe. How had Boromir found the strength to ride away from his little brother that day? And what might our Quest have been like had Faramir been with us? He sat patiently awaiting my permission, so I gave him a small nod.

Staying seated, he explained directly to me in his polite, eloquent manner that he had longed to share the beauty of Henneth Annûn with Gwinthorian and Devon, and although he had indeed considered the possible danger, he felt certain he could keep them all safe, knowing Ithilien as well as he did.

How young he was. And how surprisingly unaware of the full meaning behind what he was saying. His upset was plain, for it was affecting his rationale. Eloquence aside, Faramir had just admitted to doing precisely what Legolas and Damrod said he had done.

"So, little Ranger," I said quietly, "despite the possible danger, and despite the concern you would have caused others by simply vanishing, you wanted to do what you wanted to do, and that was what mattered most."

Faramir stared at me, blinked, then gave his head a small shake, as though refusing to believe what he'd heard. His gaze slid over the warriors standing before him, a flurry of emotions chasing across his face, his body tightening in a struggle to deny the actual reason behind his actions.

But Faramir was an honorable lad and a brave lad. He had to admit to the truth of what we had said. And it hit him hard. The boy suddenly looked so stricken that despite my exasperation, I grieved for him. I knew just how he felt.

How often had I abandoned my better judgment simply because I wanted to do what I wanted to do? It could be an insatiable desire. Afterwards, stretched out over the lap of whomever was setting my backside aflame, I oft found myself astonished by what I'd done to earn that spanking. Time after time during my lengthy career of occasional misconduct that desire to do just what I wanted to do blinded me to all other concerns. It made me feel immortal. It made me dismiss the possible worries of others. It made me ignore the fact that Devon and I might be eaten by wargs, that two warriors against one troll might prove insufficient, that a human body was unable to perform certain elvish tricks on horseback, and countless other such denials of reality. That insatiable desire to do just as I pleased drove me to deeds I would have otherwise considered unconscionable: I had lied. I had stolen. I had betrayed my ada's trust. I had put Devon in the way of life-threatening danger over and over. I had even drugged Halbarad. So I understood the desire that had conquered Faramir. For every time I had faced the truth behind my actions I had felt and looked as devastated as he did at this moment.

But now Devon's impressive temper finally exploded. He had shown remarkable restraint thus far. But seeing Faramir's crushed look had ignited Dev's protective instincts. He leapt up, fists clenched. "Faramir did get us here safely! Doesn't that count for something?" he demanded. "Why are you attacking him alone? He didn't drag us here under threat you know. Gwin and I came of our own free will! We were eager to come! We are adults! Able to decide for ourselv--”

"Devon." Garrick's calm, deep voice rumbled though the chamber, startling Dev and halting his tirade. "Sit. Down."

Devon, it seemed, had a death wish. "But, Garrick--"

"Now, little boy."

Flushing an intense shade of red, Devon took complete leave of his senses, lifted his perfect chin and flashed Garrick a rebellious look. I braced myself for a scene similar to what happened following The Troll Incident, expecting Garrick in the next instant to storm over, yank Dev across his knee, bare his bottom and start spanking him, spectators notwithstanding. Should that happen we would needs yield them the cavern and conclude these proceedings elsewhere. Devon was roaringly loud when Garrick spanked him. I couldn't fault him for that, but we could give up on continuing to hear each other speak. Also, witnessing such a sight could send our remaining anxious runaways into a panic. Gwin and Faramir were already firing Dev jittery sideways glances. They, too, looked as though they were wondering if we were about to behold Devon upended.

Evidently the same thought at last occurred to Devon. Wide-eyed and still, he studied Garrick. Then, he hurled himself back down to his seat and ended his performance with a glower that was surely meant to be deadly but on Devon's sweet features simply ended up as somewhat adorable. Dev was one of the most compassionate, gentle souls I knew, but, when ignited, his astonishing temper, entirely out of keeping with his usual nature, was his own worst enemy.

Legolas said, "Aye, Dev, Faramir led you here, but his Rangers kept you safe." He turned to me and I continued:

"Yesterday morning when we discovered your actions Damrod mustered the Ithilien Rangers and sent them out to flank your journey. They were with you on foot from mid-afternoon yesterday until you reached the falls. We set out at the same time on horseback via a faster route, arriving here last evening."

Gwin again shot up. "I knew it! I knew I heard footsteps!" He turned and flashed his comrades a triumphant look. "You see? I was right! I did hear something!"

I glanced at Halbarad. "Gwinthorian," he said, his voice deceptively soft. Gwin's head snapped around and he faced Hal. "One," Halbarad said.

“But, Hal! I-I-!”


Gwinthorian sat.

Faramir turned to the little elf. "Aye, you did indeed hear something, Gwin. Rangers move silently. But you knew the truth of it. Apologies, mellon nin. Dev and I felt only the sense of safety and peace that came from my men, the sense that all was well. You heard nothing the next day because by then my men were likely in place." Shifting his gaze to Damrod, Faramir continued, "They were no doubt stationed along the way, some on the ground, some in the trees, and the remainder flanking us further out, beyond your hearing. That's how I would have safeguarded us."

His eyes on Faramir, Damrod nodded slightly.

"And I heard none of this going on?" Gwin exclaimed.

Faramir looked at him again. "Not sleeping, eh?"

Gwin cast Faramir a glare. "No! I was not sleeping! But --" He groaned and winced. "My senses might have been somewhat dulled. Oh, that Dorwinian wine!"

"What?" Halbarad, Legolas and I roared. We all shared a history with Dorwinian wine.

Three bratlings flinched again. And in the deep silence that followed, Devon turned to the elf beside him and said, "Gwinthorian, if Halbarad doesn't murder you, I shall."

Onward to Chapter five.




Oh my gosh, you updated! I’ve been waiting for the Supreme Wall of Authority to show up for what seems like ages! This is turning out to be your best story yet, in my opinion, so you HAVE to update really soon! This cliff hanger will drive me mad! Thank you so much for your beautiful writing!!!


Dorwinian Wine

These wayward rangers are inviting certain doom upon themselves indeed. I love this story!!!


WOOOO another update!!! I love this story so much!! That final line made me burst out laughing while my roommate was sleeping. Oh, little Gwin. Can’t wait to hear of the results of their little outing!


Still feel it in my stomach!

Oh my God Larrkin!! Have a care!

I love this story so very much! All the references back to your old stories, the wonderfull interplays between the kindred spirits of Faramir, Devon and Gwin, Aragorn's wonderful switchy thoughts and the absolute squirmy feelings I still feel after reading this!

"Sit. Down." I could just see Aragorn being all commanding on his own. And then with the supreme wall of authority next to him! I completely symphathize with the poor brats who are about to be very very sorry...

I love that your characters can be both high ranking people who are valued and respected for their knowledge, strength, skills and such, while at the same time be accountable to a dominant person in lower rank such as Aragorn and Hal(...barad)and Faramir and Damrod. Being the one to receive discipline has nothing to do with their station or value. I love that you write your characters like that!

Thank you so very much for sharing this story. I'm eagerly awaiting every installment and wish you all the best in your personal life.
*hands out some lovely sugary goodness and hot cocao to warm Larrkin and Le Muse*

With love, hugs and warm fuzzy feelings,
Pip’s Supreme Wall if Authority certainly is a formidable force. Our trio of miscreants are sure to be reminded of exactly how formidable shortly.

Poor Gwin. He didn’t think out that last sentence of his very well.

It’s been a pleasure being able to read so much of your exquisite writing in such a short period of time. I’m enjoying this story so much and am glad that you decided to publish it for all of us to share.




Larrk! I just checked your LiveJournal for the first time on a whim and discovered you're posting again! Oh, I'm so excited! I devoured these four parts as quickly as Le Muse does with chocolate! I can't wait for part 5 :-) Thank you so much for posting it despite its incomplete state, I really missed having something of yours to read!

Oh, sweet Lark! This is the gift that most definitely keeps on giving! I loved everything about this chapter — from the awe as they watched the sun cast crystal light all around, to their shock at seeing the immovable force, to the careful care of Damrod in enlisting the help of Faramir’s ever trusty rangers, to our favourite brats showing off their true colours with gusto! I also really adored the way Aragorn was impartial amidst it all, able to stand in the shoes of both parties. That was such a sweet touch. It almost makes me miss naughty Aragorn all over again :P Dev’s finale was utterly fabulous and pretty much epitomises his and Gwin’s friendship. Bravo! *Throws chocolate and confetti and flowers in le Muse’s honour! Hopefully we get to see the next part soon <3

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