Larrkin (larrkin2) wrote,

Greetings my fledglings!

Thanks to all of you who have left such wonderful comments! As I've said many times, it really means a lot to me. I apologize for the delay in posting "Chapter 7" but I've been wrestling with it. (Honestly? It's all of about twelve pages.) Perhaps it's best to leave the story where it is. For now I've been letting Le Muse ponder the matter a little longer to see if anything further can be done.

Meanwhile, someone had asked about the other partial story I'd mentioned. I can start to post that one (working title - Good Intentions,) in the next few weeks if RL doesn't make me any crazier than it already is. And to my reader who had asked for a Pippin story - lucky you! This one has Pippin in it! Again, my gentle readers, please be advised, Good Intentions is incomplete. So if Kindred Spirits leaves you feeling flat you might want to think twice about delving into another unfinished story.

Le Muse sticks her head out from beneath her blanket to send much love for all the awesome sweets and goodies. Quote: "YOU GUYS!"

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